Rapid Response to Remote Work During COVID-19

Coaching, feedback, and best practices for building a productive team to meet company goals during uncertain times


​SWAYworkplace recently released its Rapid Response to Remote Work guide and coaching service for businesses adjusting to the new normal caused by COVID-19. SWAYworkplace's free 17-page guide starts the conversation with best practices, and a free 30-minute coaching session helps companies streamline the implementation process. The Rapid Response Guide offers a clear way for enterprises, managers, and employees to become more productive and understand each other better in a remote environment.

“The response to COVID-19 is difficult as most people are unexpectedly being forced to adapt to a flexible model of work, making decisions based on fear and feeling unprepared and uncertain,” said Denise Brouder, founder of SWAYworkplace. “The SWAY team is here to provide expert guidance and support as we collectively work through the impact of COVID-19. Let’s do this.”

Features of SWAY’s Rapid Response service include:

  • Specific step-by-step action plans for enterprises and employees to become productive at home.
  • Facebook Lives to discuss specific challenges facing companies today.
  • Zoom webinars to talk directly to teams while demonstrating how others watching can implement these principles.
  • What companies need to know in order to lead with the principles of empathy: I see you, I hear you, I value you.
  • A list of critical skills for a newly remote team.
  • How to evaluate unique operational risks during the pandemic while addressing employees’ fears for the future.

The Rapid Response to Remote Work Guide is available for free download at http://covid19.swayworkplace.com/. Businesses can also schedule a free 30-minute coaching call with the SWAY team to implement the best tools for success in the future.

After consultation with SWAY, one newly remote lawyer stated, “I’ve never communicated so well with my staff as I did this week.”

About SWAYworkplace: The SWAY team is leading experts in the future of work transition from a traditional 9-to-5 routine to a flexible and remote workplace model.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SWAYworkplace
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/swayworkplace/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/swayworkplace/

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