RAPC Systems, Inc. Releases the View-190, a Revolution in Imaging and Surveillance Technology

RAPC Systems, Inc., a company engaged in the design and development of highly sophisticated electronic systems, has announced the release of a patented and revolutionary imaging and surveillance technology with capabilities that no other “panoramic” camera system can claim. 

The View-190, as it was named, performs distortion correction of video signals in real-time at many angles of inclination across an ultra-wide horizontal field of view. This advanced technology substantially improves the real-time output of distortion limiting, ultra-wide-angle, video images.  

According to Geoffrey Engel, the designer and developer of View-190, the patented technology has the following differentiating features:

·         Provides a horizontal field of view (HFOV) of 220 degrees or more versus the standard limited view of less than 180 degrees.

·         Provides a vertical field of view (VFOV) of 70 degrees or more versus the standard 44 degrees.

·         Performs distortion correction in real-time which allows surveillance operators to see the enhanced view as it happens.

·         Can accommodate higher angles of inclination (tilt) while maintaining a “natural view” image that does not split or distort.  This works for angles of inclination of 35 degrees or more – versus the standard 6 degrees. 

·         Operates at 60 frames per second versus the standard 30 frames per second.

·         View-190 is compatible with existing panoramic video camera systems so that a user can integrate this technology into their existing models and customer base.

·         At a total cost of $300 in volume, it is extremely cost effective.

Geoffrey Engel, the developer of View-190, has decades of diverse experience as an electronics engineer, software developer, mechanical designer, and an advanced mathematician. Engel started with a totally blank slate and no preconceived notions and built a core algorithm which drives the proprietary ability to perform video distortion correction in real-time across a multitude of angles of inclination.

According to George Stasen, company Chairman, Engel’s unique electronics experience has allowed him to create a completely Nuevo design of an advanced panoramic video system with unlimited market opportunity due to its superior capability and cost-effectiveness.

The system is for sale to an appropriate buyer. For more information please see the website


For further information, contact George Stasen on 484 832 6310

Source: RAPC Systems, Inc.