Range Systems Introduces CR-2 Networked Target Retrieval System

CR-2 manages up to 40 lanes with a master controller and has integrated lane timers and call assistance lights

CR-2 Networked Target Retrieval System

Range Systems, manufacturer of Dura-Panel™ and Dura-Bloc™, the original ballistic rubber products, introduces the CR-2 Networked Target Retrieval System. Engineered with integrated timers and call assistance lights, the CR-2 Target Retrieval System can manage 40 live-fire lanes. The capability to operate the system and control time on the range for all lanes from an intuitive master controller makes CR-2 ideal for commercial and law enforcement ranges with up to 100-yard (91.44 m) target distances.

“Networking as many as 40 lanes and managing them with one master controller increases efficiency. Users can also adjust advanced settings from their individual controller,” says Randall Mendenhall, marketing director at Range Systems. “CR-2’s call assistance lights increase safety and eliminate the need for customers to put equipment away and go to the range operator. This also makes it easier for customers to extend lane times, increasing sales.”

Advanced high-resolution, larger 7-inch (178 mm) individual screens and optional 8-inch (203 mm) master controllers have intuitive touch-screen operation and can be customized with a logo. Commercial and public ranges can display range safety rules on an acknowledgment screen that must be accepted before the system is operable. The call assistance light allows shooters at the firing line to request support without leaving their position. This eliminates movement near the firing line and enhances range safety. 

The system has an integrated lane timer, informing the shooter of remaining available time. It eliminates the need for separate timers and provides five- and two-minute warnings. An optional LED lighting bar offers the shooter three intensities of white light in the shooting stall and is adjustable from local control screens. Constructed of durable, high-quality steel and electrical components, the CR-2 Target Retrieval System requires minimal maintenance and provides a long-service life.

Faster target carrier speeds, up to 15 feet (4.57 m) per second, deliver more efficient lane time management.  This retrieval system is capable of acceleration from 10 to 15 feet (3.05 to 4.57 m) per second.  Cable-propelled for reliable and repeatable positioning to ±1 inch (25 mm), CR-2 distance settings can be modified on-the-fly, based on user preference for feet, yards or meters.

For additional details or to order CR-2, visit www.range-systems.com, call +1 763-533-9200 or
1-888-999-1217, or email sales@range-systems.com.


Manufacturer of Dura-Panel™ and Dura-Bloc™, the original ballistic rubber products, Range Systems designs and builds custom shooting ranges as well as realistic and dynamic training environments for commercial, military, law enforcement, private, forensic and testing markets. Dedicated to providing unsurpassed, responsive service, Range Systems offers shooting supplies and services worldwide. 

Source: Range Systems


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