Randy Stay Snappin and Lit Life Sign to Forbes Music Entertainment

Forbes Music Entertainment announces the signing of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida rapper Randy Stay Snappin for single debut distribution deal

Former Fly or Die Academy member Randy Stay Snappin is taking a break from the group to work on his solo career. The move was confirmed earlier to day as record label services provider Forbes Music Entertainment made an official announcement on their Facebook fan page. If that isn't enough to convince you, Randy is sending a clear message to the world with his debut single being titled 'Goin Solo'.

Randy isn't just going solo in his career, but will also remain fully independent as a music business entrepreneur. While marketing, promotional distribution and advertising will be handled by Forbes Music Entertainment, Randy will reserve 100% rights to all copyrights, music sales, royalties, tour profits, publishing and licensing. He will also keep 100% of all profits made. His music will be released under his self owned record company Lit Life.

Take a listen to Randy Stay Snappin "Goin Solo" here:


For more information on Randy Stay Stackin and Forbes Music Entertainment call 504-329-0884 or visit the company website http://www.forbesmusicentertainment.com

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