Rancho Biosciences to Showcase Cutting-Edge Data Science Services at BioTechX Europe’s Largest Pharmaceutical Development and Healthcare Event, Oct. 4-6

Rancho Biosciences, the premier Data Science Services company headquartered in San Diego, California, is thrilled to announce its participation in Europe's largest biotechnology congress, BioTechX, a pivotal event that serves as a bridge between pharmaceutical companies, academia, and clinicians. The event aims to foster meaningful collaborations and catalyze innovation within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

As a leading player in the field of data science, Rancho Biosciences is dedicated to revolutionizing drug development and healthcare through the application of advanced technologies and data-driven strategies. The company is proud to spotlight its key service highlights at BioTechX, which include:

AI in Drug Development and Discovery: Rancho Biosciences harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to uncover groundbreaking insights and streamline the drug discovery process. They offer pre-packaged data sets specifically designed to train AI and machine learning algorithms.

Data Integration + FAIR: Rancho Biosciences goes beyond data management; they standardize and optimize data to be analysis-ready. Their commitment to the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) ensures data remains valuable and accessible. Their technology enables rapid data processing without compromising quality.

Bioinformatics R&D: With a team of world-class bioinformaticians, Rancho Biosciences brings extensive experience and domain knowledge to the table. They are dedicated to training and mentoring new talent for their clients.

Single Cell Genomics and NGS: Rancho Biosciences leads the way in curating single cell data sets, including deep annotations, and they have developed an SC Data Model to harmonize thousands of data sets. They also offer data sets with fewer metadata fields optimized for AI applications, all at competitive pricing.

Data Management, Storage, and Architecture: Learn how Rancho Biosciences can help organizations implement state-of-the-art infrastructure and strategies to manage large datasets effectively. Their services encompass building Data Lakes, knowledge portals, workflows, and more to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Digital Transformation: Rancho Biosciences isn't just observing the digital evolution of biotech; they are leading it. Attendees will discover how to harness the potential of digital tools and technologies to reshape and revolutionize the biotech landscape.

Real World Evidence: Rancho Biosciences' expertise in leveraging real-world data is changing the game by enhancing clinical outcomes and informing patient care and treatment methodologies.

Analytics Platforms: Explore the depths of data with Rancho Biosciences' robust analytics tools designed to decipher complex datasets and derive actionable insights for drug development.

About Rancho Biosciences:

Founded in 2012, Rancho Biosciences is a privately held company that offers comprehensive services for data curation, management, and analysis to organizations engaged in pharmaceutical research and development. Their client portfolio includes top 20 pharmaceutical and biotech companies, research foundations, government labs, and academic groups.

For further information and press inquiries, please contact:

Julie Bryant, CEO

Email: Julie.Bryant@RanchoBiosciences.com

For more information about Rancho Biosciences and their participation in BioTechX, please visit www.RanchoBiosciences.com or stop by their booth# 806 at the event.

Source: Rancho BioSciences, LLC

About Rancho BioSciences, LLC

Rancho BioSciences is an international company offering Data Curation, Data Governance & Models, Bioinformatics Analysis, Workflows & Pipelines, Knowledge Mining, Target Profiles, Building Databases with content, Business Analyst services to clients in Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, Foundations, Government and Hospitals.

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