Rambler Golf Announces the Release of Golf Putz, an on Course Golf Game and Scoring Application

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Available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, Golf Putz brings hilarity to the course with their 'Putz Cards', which are played against your opponents to make them do zany things like 'The Flamingo' card, which makes you hit your shot while standing on one foot. These cards and challenges bring a rip-roaring good time to a game of which many now find 'dull' and 'boring'.

Added to this is their proprietary algorithm which allows multiple players to score common games like Nassau, stroke and match play as well as other lesser-known games like wolf or swing sixes. Gone are the days of guessing how to correctly score a Nassau or how Wolf really works, the golfer simply enters his or her score and the algorithm does the rest, while automatically updating the opponent's leaderboard on their personal device.

"We are thrilled to bring a new style of golf to today's market and look forward to making golf fun again. As many have witnessed on the European tour, with games like 'The one club challenge', bringing wackiness to the course can and will grow the game by attracting those who simply want to have fun and have no interest in playing their fathers 'old boring game of golf'" said Rick Rapp, CMFO of Rambler Golf, Golf Putz's parent company.

Larry Miller (HCP:28), CMFO of Rambler Golf, says he's pumped that "Golf Putz features every course in America because me playing them all is on my wife's bucket list. Now every morning, I'm excited to roll up to the first tee for a scheduled game with my regulars or to meet a couple of like-minded souls and start a game like Animals with Putz Cards and create golf memories with my new buds. I'm certain this is going to be the top-rated app among cart girls."

The Golf Putz platform allows users to play any style of golf they like. Don't want the zany and crazy round? Simply select stroke play with no cards or animals and Golf Putz is now a simple and easy-to-use scoring tool which can be used for standard play. Getting bored on the course and want to set up some laughs? Edit the game mid-round and add a few cards to the round, the ability to 'steal your opponent's drive' with the 'Car Jacked' card is sure to bring laughs to the group.

Miller and Rapp state their goal is simple - to bring more fun to current golfers while also attracting new and younger golfers to the game who may not have a current interest in teeing it up. "As the PGA is currently stating, we need to grow the game and if we can have even a small part in that we see it as giving back to a game that has given us so much".

Availability - the GolfPutz app is free and available today for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For more information, please visit GolfPutz.com.

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