Ramar Foods Ramps Up Magnolia Ice Cream Boba Production Due to High Demand

Re-introducing Eight Flavors of Magnolia Boba Ice Cream

Magnolia Ube Boba Ice Cream

Ramar Foods, the number one Filipino food manufacturing company in the U.S., has ramped up its production of the Magnolia Boba Ice Cream line--in anticipation of the 2022 ice cream season. The newest addition to the Premium Tropical ice cream brand became an instant consumer favorite selling out within weeks of hitting the storefronts after its soft launch last year. This pint-size treat will return with all eight of its traditional boba flavors and will be available nationwide in more Asian grocery stores and select general markets.

"Our production team was not expecting the overwhelming response to the boba ice cream when we first decided to launch this line. To keep up with the demands this year, we have maximized our production and ordered container loads of boba to keep our consumers happy," explained Production Supervisor and Planner of Ramar Foods, Noriel Llanza.

The texture of the boba pearls in Magnolia ice Cream will remain as soft and chewy as you would expect in a boba drink, and will pair well with their premium ice cream. Typically, boba pearls are made with tapioca starch that hardens when frozen; however, their team made sure the consumers experienced perfectly chewy boba with every scoop of ice cream. It's the best of both treats, premium Magnolia Ice Cream and boba combined into one!  The entire line will continue to be available in pint sizes, and the flavors include:

  • Ube 
  • Mango
  • Coffee 
  • Green Tea
  • Wintermelon
  • Honeydew
  • Brown Sugar
  • Jasmine Milk Tea 

The entire Magnolia Boba Ice Cream line is back on the shelves in the frozen aisle of various local Asian grocery stores and select general market locations. For more information on the launch, visit their Instagram @magnoliaicecream and Facebook Magnolia Ice Cream USA.

About Magnolia Ice Cream 

Magnolia Ice Cream is carefully crafted to bring you the fruits to experience endless summers. The fruits include the flavors you know in mango, avocado, coconut, purple yam and all other tropical fruit goodness churned into a delicious, creamy ice cream. Available in big tubs, pints and bars. Grab a tub at your local Asian stores and enjoy endless summers!

Learn more about Magnolia Ice Cream www.magnoliaicecream.com and stay updated on Instagram, @magnoliaicecream and Facebook, Magnolia Ice Cream USA.

Magnolia Ice Cream is manufactured by parent company Ramar Foods Corporation. Learn more about Ramar Foods at www.ramarfoods.com.

About Ramar Foods International

Founded in 1969, Ramar's goal is to bring the flavors of the Philippines to your home. Ramar Foods is committed to manufacturing your favorite frozen Filipino food products. Ramar's success for over 50 years of experience in the industry is attributed to its people, its deep relationship with the Filipino diaspora and a commitment to understanding what brings satisfaction to Filipino families.

During their first years, they started with a vision of being the premier Filipino food company that will bring nostalgia to Filipino households and at the same time, give a snapshot of the Filipino experience to non-Filipinos all over the world. Today, we have grown to be America's #1 Filipino Food company serving communities across North America and beyond.

Family-owned and operated, Ramar Foods is committed to nourishing their community through its legacy of family food products.

Press Contact: Lydia Querian

Group: Divine Creative Studios (on behalf of Ramar Foods International)

Email: lydia@divinecreativestudio.com

Source: Ramar Foods


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