RAM USA Receives United States Patent for Service That Reduces the Carbon Footprint While Reducing the Capital Expenditure

Roof Asset Management USA (RAM USA) is pleased to announce that it has received a United States Patent #10872404 - Method for Detecting Anomalies on or in the Surface of a Structure.

RAM USA's Aerial Infrared Roof Scans are industry-leading, non-destructive diagnostic services used to accurately, quickly, and cost-effectively find hidden moisture in your roofs. RAM USA's patented process provides early detection of even the smallest amounts of moisture. Proactive measures can then be taken to prevent larger problems and unnecessary spending. The process allows roof insulation to be repurposed without affecting the warranty, reducing the capital expenditure and preventing good materials from going to the landfill.

Jeff Cacioppo, President of RAM USA, said, "RAM USA's patent on Infrared Analysis of Roofs confirms that RAM USA offers the quickest, most accurate and cost-effective solutions for roof analysis. RAM USA looks forward to delivering solutions that reduce costs for building owners and increase facility productivity."

About RAM USA:

RAM USA is a national roof and building envelope consulting and engineering services firm focused on cost-effective asset management solutions. RAM USA's goal is to help preserve and protect clients' portfolio of buildings - whether you have one or 1,000+ sites. Our unique Condition-Based approach is based upon Information, Implementation, and Continuation (IIC), empowers property managers and building owners to proactively deploy services to reduce capital, O&M, and energy expenditures, while extending the life of your assets.

For more information regarding RAM USA's services or partnership with JLL, please contact Jeff Cacioppo (JCacioppo@ram-usa.com) 216-393-7663.

Source: Roof Asset Management USA, Ltd.


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