Rahda Mitchell Stars in Legacy Distribution's Powerful Family Drama, The World Without You, Widely Available on VOD Nov. 1, 2020

When the family of a journalist killed in Iraq comes together to honor their son, they find themselves in danger of being torn apart by long-held secrets and past pains in Legacy Distribution's powerful drama The World Without You. Widely available on VOD, Nov. 1, 2020.


Legacy Distribution debuts the compelling drama The World Without You. Directed by Damon Shalit, based on Joshua Henkin's same-titled novel, and adapted for the screen by Dan Pulick, the movie is widely available On-Demand Nov. 1, 2020.

The World Without You explores how the loss of a loved one can trigger old wounds and shares how individual the mourning process is. 

Starring Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill, Man on Fire), Chris Mulkey (Captain Phillips, On The Basis of Sex), Perrey Reeves (Entourage, Old School), James Tupper (Big Little Lies, Me and Orson Welles), P.J. Byrne (Big Little Lies, The Wolf of Wall Street), Suzanne C. Johnson (Empty Space, Another Yesterday), Annika Marks (The Fosters, Waco), Lyndie Greenwood (Nikita, Sleepy Hollow), Joel Reitsma (Fargo, Chicago Fire) and Lynn Cohen (Sex and The City, Law and Order), The World Without You premiered at Dances With Film Festival and is selected for the 2020 La Femme Festival (https://www.lafemme.org/).


A family gathers to honor the memory of their journalist son, Leo Frankel (Joel Reitsma), who was killed in Iraq the previous year. Confronted with old hurts and dark secrets, the fragile threads holding the family together threaten to dissolve.

Leo's mother, Marilyn (Suzanne C. Johnson), entrenched in grief, drops a bomb when she announces she and her husband, David (Chris Mulkey), are separating. David has moved on from mourning yet still holds a grudge against his son for going to Iraq, leaving his wife and toddler behind.

Meanwhile, Leo's widow, Thisbe (Lyndie Greenwood), struggles to come to terms with how falling in love with a new man will change her dynamic with the family. Personal quarrels and long-held animosity between Leo's siblings plague the family, only being intensified by his memorial. At the same time, his sister, Noelle (Annika Marks), struggles with a secret that could further tear their family apart. 

Will this dysfunctional family reunion bring them closer together or drive them further apart?

"There have been many films that deal with death and its immediate repercussions, but few that show the carnage left behind a year later," says star and producer Suzanne C. Johnson. "I hope the audience connects to this story as profoundly as I did."

"The World Without You is an incredibly moving film that many will feel they can relate to," says Legacy Distribution Managing Director/CEO Dana Webber. "With the death of a loved one, tensions arise as family members all experience the process of mourning differently. We are honored to be releasing this important film".

For more, please visit the official website https://www.theworldwithoutyou.com/.

Source: Legacy Distribution


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