Radley Corporation Launches Solution Platform for Manufacturers and Warehouses

Radley ENDEAVOR Platform

Radley Corporation, a leader in software for manufacturing and warehousing, announced the latest solution platform, ENDEAVOR. The platform name reflects Radley’s focus on helping clients to achieve “lean” practices in their organizations while ensuring the ability to be agile within the ever-changing business environments.

Originally developed in the mid-1990s in response to customer and industry demand for automated data collection, Radley’s solutions use barcoding, RFID, and IIoT technology to collect information throughout manufacturing production or warehouse processes. This insight allows manufacturers and distribution centers to streamline workflows while adding visibility to their key performance data. Unlike out-of-the-box MES or WMS systems, the ENDEAVOR platform consists of fully configurable, scalable modules to meet companies’ unique needs. These modules include:

·        Asset Tracking

·        Containerization & Kitting

·        Inventory Control

·        Labor Tracking

·        Product Traceability

·        Task Management

·        WIP (Work in Progress) Tracking

·        Legacy System Integration​

Radley understands the many challenges manufacturers and distributions centers are under with the extreme pressure to produce and deliver quality goods while containing costs and preserving customer satisfaction. Its staff of industry experts is continually working to expand its product offering to provide the most comprehensive solution platform. “Radley’s ENDEAVOR platform gives our clients access to relevant, reliable data,” said Radley Vice President, Kevin Cammet. “In turn, they are able to realize significant improvements in time savings, cost reduction and overall productivity.”

The ENDEAVOR platform joins Radley’s collection of EDI software solutions aimed at increasing visibility, reducing costs and optimizing the supply chain. Well-known for their integration abilities, Radley’s EDI, Manufacturing and Warehouse solutions work seamlessly with multiple ERP and business systems.

 About Radley Corporation

Through a combination of consulting, software & hardware configuration, training and support; Radley has provided solutions for over 45 years to organizations around the world looking to improve their business logistics processes. To learn more about Radley, talk to a Product Specialist at 616-541-6010 or visit www.radley.com today.

CONTACT: Wendy Stanley, wstanley@radley.com 

Website: www.radley.com

Source: Radley Corporation

About Radley Corporation

Radley Corporation provides a platform of EDI, Warehouse and Manufacturing solutions which allow organizations to re-engineer their business processes and workflows for optimum efficiency.

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