Radiant Health Acupuncture Announces Partnership with New Website, NaturalBabyPros.com

New online directory, NaturalBabyPros.com, agrees to partnership with Radiant Health Acupuncture.

San Diego, CA December 21, 2009- Radiant Health Acupuncture based out of Torrance, California has partnered with NaturalBabyPros.com to help educate women and mothers about natural childbirth and childcare. NaturalBabyPros.com provides access to alternative practitioners as well as conventional doctors who embrace a more natural approach in the areas of fertility, pregnancy and childcare.

Deannie Janowitz L.Ac., the owner and founder of Radiant Health Acupuncture is a California Board certified Licensed Acupuncturist and an NCCAOM Diplomate in Oriental Medicine and Chinese Herbology. She received her Masters Degree In Oriental Medicine and graduated with honors from Samra University in Los Angeles, CA, the oldest Oriental Medical University in the United States. "I am honored to be a participating practitioner on NaturalBabyPros.com. The focus of my acupuncture and Oriental medicine practice is addressing all aspects of womens health with an special emphasis on enhancing fertility both with and without Assisted Reproductive Techniques. As a fellow acupuncturist, Jen Aliano well understands that an integrated approach to womens health and fertility provides the optimal care for the special needs of contemporary patients and her outstanding website beautifully exemplifies this synergistic approach," said Deannie Janowitz.

NaturalBabyPros.com is designed especially to connect practitioners like Deannie Janowitz and Radiant Health Acupuncture with the public by providing articles, blogs and forums that allow women to communicate with each other and with a wide range of health care professionals. "We are excited to welcome www.radianthealthacupuncture.com to our directory listing. Radiant Health Acupuncture displays a holistic approach to healthcare, and a belief that everyone has the potential to be happy & healthy and that is why they are a perfect fit for NaturalBabyPros.com"said Jen Aliano, Co-Owner and creator of Natural Baby Pros. Users can share their understanding of the special challenges of motherhood and pregnancy. There is also a calendar of events which provides information about local and national events to keep women up-to-date with what is going on in their community and around the country regarding fertility, pregnancy and natural childbirth.

Sorting through all the many natural health care options and facts can be confusing. Naturalbabypros.com makes it easy to find practitioners like Radiant Health Acupuncture by connecting women who are trying to get pregnant, who are seeking a more natural birthing process, or who want to raise a child in a healthier way with the professionals and services to help.