Racold Thermo's Turn Up the Heat Campaign Receives Audience' Appreciation and Admiration

Company : Racold Thermo (P) Ltd. Campaign: Turn Up The Heat Duration: Two Months


Lending a helping hand without any expectations, spreading smiles or showing a ray of hope are the thoughts that people have had at several occasions. The only task is to take a step forward to do something that brings a difference in others lives; Racold Thermo initiated this with an innovative campaign to celebrate these everyday heroes by reinforcing its brand essence of “Reborn Everyday with Hot Water”. Titled ‘Turn Up The Heat’ campaign was started with an idea to draw attention to everyday heroes who are reborn to give something more to the society, day after day. A nascent step to honor the individuals, who do their bit for the betterment of the society, attracted a record number of participants along with targeted media coverage. The campaign not only attracted enthusiasts and millennials to share their stories but also made a mark in the people’s lives. Re-emphasizing the brand essence of ‘Reborn Everyday’, Racold believes in the philosophy to give back to the society and this campaign was another step towards it.

In recent years, Racold has successfully conducted campaigns like ‘Switch 2 Green’ and ‘Wake Up Bucket Challenge’ that is in line with its brand philosophy. The TUTH campaign generated mass awareness of the innovative, first-of-its-kind campaign that focuses on those who transform themselves to touch the lives of others in their own unique way.

‘Turn Up The Heat’ Campaign Overview


Racold Thermo’s objective was to identify and salute real heroes who do extraordinary to contribute towards the society. Those who Turn Up The Heat with their passion to spread goodness and  bring about a change.

Turn Up The Heat Campaign gave such real heroes a chance to share their story and inspire others to Reborn everyday by doing their bit. The idea was to build brand resonance with its TG by making the TG, the real Hero.

Target Group:

The campaign was targeted at Consumers, Millennials and social media enthusiasts.


Racold Thermo introduced TUTH as a crowd source campaign on various digital mediums and engaged the target group.


Racold Thermo decided to generate a repository of digital content, allowing people to share their stories and generate an online conversation, engage more with consumers through Turn Up The Heat’s social presence, including Facebook page, Twitter, Yahoo and Outbrain, to name a few. The motive was to create a constant buzz on social media platforms by profiling winners and their contribution towards the society. A dedicated website was actioned to throw the spotlight on this initiative, increasing engagement with prospective young customers across traditional and leading social media platforms. Racold tied up with Big FM and donated water heaters to the NGOs i.e. one water heater for every five goodwill stories received during the campaign.



·         In the first season, Racold Thermo secured the media attention prior to the initiative by targeting online and trade media, including exchange4media.com, nrinews.com, ecoconstruction-india.com and energetic-india.net

·         The campaign identified 79 qualified participants, eight winners and donated seven water heaters to six NGOs

·         Received total website visits up to 91,095 through various mediums, with 55,991facebook post promotions and 24,866,712 total impressions on twitter, yahoo, outbrain and facebook hits

·         The identified winners were awarded Rs. 5000 vouchers from Flipkart