Rachael Sage Releases Uplifting Single 'Deepest Dark (Reimagined)' Ahead of New Acoustic Album

The lovely "Deepest Dark (Reimagined)" (out now via MPress Records) is an acoustic, completely reimagined version of Rachael Sage's acclaimed folk-pop single from her lauded 2023 record, The Other Side. Featuring her signature piano supported by lush strings and harmonica, Sage affirms trust and faith in others who help us navigate through the dark, singing: "And if I call you will you come to me tonight/Even though everyone is sleeping/Even though the deepest dark is still in sight." The accompanying video for the song was filmed in the historic Asylum Chapel in London amidst its crumbling paintwork, stunning stained-glass windows and ethereal shadows, and finds Sage invoking beauty and positivity in a sanctuary echoing with thousands of memories.

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Produced by Sage and engineered by Grammy® winners Mikhail Pivovarov and Andy Zulla, the song includes guest appearances by acoustic guitarist Jack Petruzzelli (Joan Osborne, Rufus Wainwright), fellow MPress songstress Grace Pettis on backing vocals, and longtime collaborator Ward Williams (Dar Williams) on cello. Kelly Halloran (violin),Trina Hamlin (harmonica), and Katie Marie (Sophie B. Hawkins) lay the intricate foundation of the song.

Rachael discusses "Deepest Dark (Reimagined)," revealing :"The song is about connecting with unconditionally loving friends across whatever distance and keeping that thread energized. It's a song that honors vital relationships that may not be romantic but are lasting and deep and what may even keep us from falling off a proverbial ledge, in times of darkness. I wrote it as a teenager actually – but I was re-inspired to record it and include on this record after watching the entirety of the series "Stranger Things", which struck me as a kind of "Stand By Me" for the current generation; it's really a story about loyal friends getting each other through enormous challenges and rising up together to face adversity with courage and determination. I loved the series and recorded the song in honor of the wonderful young actors on the show!"

Another Side (due May 17th) is a reimagined companion acoustic album to Sage's critically acclaimed record, The Other Side. The entirely acoustic instrumentation brings Sage's intimate vocals to the front and center, resulting in lush versions of her most carefully crafted, exquisitely realized work yet. Here, the alt-folk singer-songwriter has stripped back to the inner roots of The Other Side. Refusing to hide an inch of emotion, this simplified unwrapping of this sublime collection of songs leaves one truly mesmerized. With memorable Americana-infused hooks and folk-fueled poeticism, Sage's timeless writing reminds us what's most important is always worth waiting for, via songs steeped in just the right amount of best-is-yet-to-come optimism. 

Source: MPress Records

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