Race Report Discusses History of Racism, Exposes Issues and Promotes Anti-racism

Offering breaking news stories and a platform for interaction, Race Report is the first website in the world to provide comprehensive information on racism and race issues.

Issues surrounding race and racism are among the most sensitive matters that the world is facing today. Causing ethnic and cultural divisions, the age-old problem of racism is often associated with atrocity and violence. While the issues are seemingly deeply rooted in human existence, efforts to convince the radicals to choose openness and embrace cultural differences abound.

Race Report focuses on providing news and information on race relations and related events around the world. The website explores the fundamentals of the issue of race and racism, while also promoting anti-racism, cultural diversity, ethnicity and race relations.

The comprehensive online resource on racism is founded by Janice S. Ellis, Ph.D., who is also president and publisher of USAonRace.com, an educational online magazine and website about race and ethnicity with the goal of bridging racial divisions in American society. Dr. Ellis is also founder and CEO of USA Youth Institute on Race and Ethnicity, Inc., which assists parents and educators in building an awareness and understanding of race and ethnic diversity among children and students.

Hinged on the same mission, Race Report talks about racism on a wide scope of topics. The website features a range of categories covering race and racism today in the news, and as it relates to business, education, employment, entertainment, ethnicity, gender, health, housing, justice, the media, politics, religion, sports, violence, wealth, and the youth.

RaceReport.com also features race reports from various resources from around the world. The website cites a number of news organizations and companies that highlight the relevance of racism and related reforms.

Notably, RaceReport.com provides individuals the platform for airing out opinions, observations and other information for sharing purposes. Recognizing the importance of social interaction and dialogue, the website calls on individuals to be involved in the fight against racism.

To learn more about the latest on racism issues from around the globe, please visit http://www.racereport.com for information and to post opinions, thoughts and ideas on the issue.