R.J. Batchelor's New Book, 'The Lost King of England', Is a Profound Story of an Unknown King Who Changes History When the Truth Is Brought to Light

Fulton Books author R.J. Batchelor, writer, historian, and researcher, has completed her most recent book, "The Lost King of England": a marvelous read of historical events leading the reader on a journey as a man discovers his connection to the royal family of England, unleashing the hard facts and twisted lies surrounding his existence. 

R.J. Batchelor shares, "Living his life oblivious to his heritage, an unknown prince and the rightful heir to the throne of England finds the truth about his birthright in a most unexpected way. His new love interest discovers his link to the royal family with physical proof that starts him on a journey of self-discovery and deception, revealing the extent the shadow group surrounding the monarchies will go to keep their secrets. 

"Spanning three generations, The Lost King of England uncovers facts kept hidden and reveals events of World War I and World War II and how they should have been written. It will make you question everything you have been told."

Published by Fulton Books, R.J. Batchelor's book is a breathtaking narrative that immerses the reader in a historic time of royal drama, mystery,  and secrets, when the rightful king turns the key that opens the door to hidden truths. 

"The Lost King of England" navigates the life of royalty with deceits and surprises at every turn as the story gives an introspective look at the truths behind history as we know it. 

Readers who wish to experience this astounding work can purchase "The Lost King of England" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble. 

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