Qwantify is Helping People Break Into eCommerce, Guaranteeing New Customers $10,000 a Month in Revenue

Qwantify's partnership inquiries have doubled since the pandemic outbreak, as the virus' impact on business is prompting entrepreneurs to explore the $500 billion e-commerce industry.

​​​​​​As a pandemic outbreak forces a shift in consumer buying habits through social distancing and stay at home orders, interest in e-commerce continues to rise. With 3.5 million people filing for unemployment in one week, the need for entrepreneurs to generate new revenue is more critical than ever. Qwantify is helping those entrepreneurs expand and develop their presence in e-commerce by building websites for clients, guaranteeing monthly minimum revenue of $10,000 a month.

Qwantify is expanding its exclusive partner program to address the record unemployment numbers and decreasing revenues, accepting up to 20 new partners each month. Founder and CEO Keith Lynch has made it the company mission to create 100 online entrepreneur millionaires through Qwantify Partner Programs by 2021.

Since the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, interest in Qwantify’s services has increased, with partner inquiries and applications doubling within that time frame. Industry trends reveal a 10% jump in online spending since the beginning of March and show no signs of slowing down. Qwantify anticipates a continued increase in e-commerce revenue and overall activity in the coming months, and wants to help clients take advantage of the evolving consumer purchasing behaviors.

Through extensive research and its diverse team of expert developers and online marketers, Qwantify guarantees a 100% success rate and a minimum monthly revenue of $10,000. Qwantify is able to extend this guarantee by leveraging its development and marketing expertise to build its clients’ websites and is committed to the continued, nonstop development of those websites until they meet the $10,000 per month revenue goal.

According to a recent study, three-quarters of US internet users said they’d avoid malls and shopping centers if the outbreak worsens, and more than half would avoid shops in general. Qwantify wants to help people overcome these downward trends by securing their place in e-commerce and prepare them for success in a fast-growing industry.

About Qwantify

Qwantify and its exclusive partner program offer what every entrepreneur needs when starting a business, guaranteed success. More importantly and specifically, guaranteed revenue. Qwantify Partners get a professionally developed and profitable e-commerce website with our proven success blueprint and strategies that only years of experience can offer – along with insanely lucrative marketing campaigns that get new online businesses to $10K per month in record time. When partnering with Qwantify, entrepreneurs can own a successful e-commerce dropship website (no product inventory to worry about), loaded with top-selling niche products, generating consistent income month after month. 

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​Keith Lynch, Founder/CEO

Source: Qwantify