Qvidian Ranked One of the Best Software Companies to Work for by Forbes

CHELMSFORD, Mass.--Qvidian, the innovator in sales execution solutions, announced today that Forbes online magazine ranked Qvidian one of the top three best software companies to work for in 2015 out of 500 of the leading software companies globally.

"We are pleased to be ranked among the very top software companies worldwide for employee referral and approval of its leadership team"

Using Software Magazine's 2014 Software 500 list as a baseline and Glassdoor rankings, the analysis revealed the percentage of employees who would recommend a company to a friend and percentage of employees who approve of the CEO.

"We are pleased to be ranked among the very top software companies worldwide for employee referral and approval of its leadership team," said Lewis Miller, CEO, Qvidian. "We continue to hear positive feedback from our staff, pointing to benefits, work-life balance and openness of the management team as key reasons for building a career at our company. The ranking in particular speaks to a core set of values that help our teams create sales execution solutions that our customers love and build a company that our employees love working for every day."

The analysis, which was completed and first reported by Forbes.com Contributor Louis Columbus, also revealed that on average 61 percent of employees working in Software 500 companies would recommend their company to a friend, and seventy-three percent of employees working in the same companies approve of their CEOs today. At Qvidian, 95 percent of employees would recommend Qvidian to a friend and the same percentage of employees indicated they approve of its leadership.

To learn more about Qvidian and to inquire about career opportunities, visit: www.qvidian.com/about/careers

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