Qvidian Provides Expertise through Sales Execution Index Assessment

Online Assessment Helping Organizations Determine Action Plan for Sales Execution Success

CHELMSFORD, Mass.--Qvidian, the innovator in sales execution solutions, today announced it has launched its online Sales Execution Index™ assessment with step by step strategies designed to advance organizations to an optimal level of sales execution success. Based on Qvidian's Sales Execution Maturity Model™ and Qvidian's recent Sales Execution Trends report, the model and index assessment enable organizations of all sizes and industries to define actionable plans and strategies to improve the fundamental challenges they face in overall sales execution.

"This level of insight into our sales process has been invaluable, particularly as it helps our sales teams assess where they can further increase productivity by streamlining content sharing, and incorporating analytical insights"

As organizations struggle to improve both top and bottom lines, the shift in buyer behavior has made it near impossible for organizations to rise to the levels of sales productivity and effectiveness needed to meet revenue goals. Sales leaders continue to work overtime on enabling their salesforce with repetitive maintenance strategies, but are not as focused on optimizing overall sales execution to grow and scale their sales initiatives.

Qvidian's Sales Execution Maturity Model identifies five levels of an organization's sales execution maturity as relative to business impact:

  • Chaotic - The first level of Sales Execution Maturity marked by being reactive in sales situations and ad hoc in support and enablement methods.
  • Defined - Organizations are beginning to provide infrastructure and process for reps, but struggle in communicating what's available while rep adoption remains low.
  • Optimized - Organizations start to see effective sales execution strategies take place achieving success, but there is room to succeed faster and more consistently.
  • Agile - Teams are truly working at maximum efficiency and are successful in providing adaptable infrastructure for reps to react to buyer needs effectively.
  • Predictive - Organizations have balanced the art and science of execution through integrated and dynamic infrastructure as well as operationalizing content and process.

Each level has specific elements that contribute to the success or failure of a sales organization's ability to scale and succeed. Once an organization knows its maturity level, an action plan can be put in place to progress up the model to a more desired state; resulting in improved top and bottom lines, and achievement of desired business outcomes.

Organizations are finding the Sales Execution Maturity Model is giving them the insight and clarity they need to increase their effectiveness and overall success. Qvidian client, Splunk, a provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, faced the challenge of aligning and staging content in ways that led Account Managers on a well-tested journey. To do so, Splunk leveraged the Sales Execution Index as one tool to help assess gaps in productivity and efficiency, in turn creating a more consistent and repeatable sales process.

"This level of insight into our sales process has been invaluable, particularly as it helps our sales teams assess where they can further increase productivity by streamlining content sharing, and incorporating analytical insights," said Kym Wood, Director, Global Field Enablement, Splunk. "Understanding our progression from 'defined' to 'agile' along the Sales Maturity Model illustrates where we've been and provides a roadmap for how we can continue to improve sales efficiency and enablement programs in ways that best serve our field sales team."

Learn more about the Sales Execution Maturity Model. Determine your organization's level with the Sales Execution Index Assessment.

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