Qvidian Continues to Accelerate Pace of Innovation with Summer 2016 Release

Advancements Propel Collaboration Capabilities Helping Organizations Drive Quality & Efficiencies in RFP & Content Management

CHELMSFORD, Mass.--Qvidian, the innovator in sales execution solutions, today announced the Summer 2016 release of its industry leading cloud-based proposal and sales content solution. The latest release offers additional capabilities in collaboration, content management, and the centralized content library that help make teams more effective and ensure the highest quality output of proposals and sales documents.

Qvidian drives collaboration, quality & efficiencies in RFP & Content Management.

"Qvidian made the commitment to our customers to raise the bar even higher with a path of non-stop innovation, and this latest release delivers on that commitment," stated Lewie Miller, President and CEO of Qvidian. "Qvidian has long been recognized as the market expert and gold standard in proposal automation. Through our long standing and proven history, we have never forgotten that our real business is knowing exactly what our customers need to succeed and delivering to them the highest quality solution and services."

Latest advancements include:

Expanded RFP Collaboration
To improve efficiencies in how teams work collectively when managing the varying complexities and ever increasing volume of proposals and other sales documents, Qvidian is delivering additional ways for teams to work more collaboratively. Project owners that select team members and assign tasks for the assembly of sales documents, can also include the occasional collaborator in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. There is also a fast and easy means to offer input by commenting directly within the RFP workspace and workflow. With greater collaboration and tracking of activities within Qvidian, users have complete visibility into the process and status at each step, enabling teams to work smarter and faster. Qvidian has also streamlined the process for editing RFP responses with an advanced style-safe editor, and expanded support for key Excel based scenarios including drop-down pick lists.

Content Management Advancements
Centralizing content to simplify access and maintain compliance of accurate up-to-date content assets is critical to organizations, especially when managing large volumes of RFPs, proactive proposals, security questionnaires and other sales documents. Qvidian offers a comprehensive content repository, Qvidian Library, where organizations have easy access to all of their content. New advancements offer complete content management functionality directly within the Library including easy access to previous revisions, as well as ability to quickly send content assets to subject matter experts (SMEs) for updating directly within the system.

Playbook Management
In addition to innovations in proposal and sales content management, Qvidian also recently updated its Sales Playbooks software, which is integrated with the proposal and sales content automation solution. New advancements include enabling Apple Mac users to more easily navigate the system, and administrators can now export playbook templates to help maintain content governance.

"Qvidian is very much a customer-centric company. We actively listen and build strong bonds with our customers to completely identify with their personal and business needs, which enables us to deliver the powerful solutions they require," said Karen Meyer, Vice President of Products at Qvidian. "We are very excited about how we are supporting our customers, and they have been equally thrilled in this continuous stream of progressive new capabilities."

"I'm excited to see these Qvidian advancements. The new interface makes things a lot easier and the additional functionality with this new release looks very promising, facilitating a faster collaboration between the team while working on RFPs," states Qvidian customer Marcel Schwarz, Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems.

The Summer 2016 release of Qvidian is available today. For more information, visit www.qvidian.com.

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