Qverse: TAB Buys Advertising Technology and Becomes 'Qverse'

Growth Marketing for Mobile Brands and Apps

Introducing Qverse formerly TAB & DCypher Media

TAB GmbH, the mobile performance specialist of the PIA Group with seven locations worldwide, is buying the technology from DCypher Media B.V. and is now offering customers tailor-made product offerings and In-house technology under the new name "Qverse."

Qverse (formerly TAB) is positioned as a mobile performance specialist in one of the world's largest growth segments and completes the product portfolio with the acquisition of the Mobile Tracking and Programmatic Media Buying Platform from DCypher Media. Qverse's expanded service portfolio offers customer service from Managed Performance Marketing campaigns, Retention and Re-targeting, Programmatic Media Buying, Social and Search Advertising to Qverse "DirectDrive" – its own Advertising Self-Serve Platform (ASSP).

"Mobile Performance Marketing is one of the strongest growth markets in the world. With Qverse, we have already successfully positioned ourselves with a top-class specialist. As a technology-agnostic enabler for our customers, we also have an offer of our own, first-class and tailor-made technologies in relevant segments. These complement our customers' business models and enable extremely short time-to-market implementations that generate significant competitive advantages for our customers," says PIA Group CEO Christian Tiedemann. 

The new Qverse brand clearly reflects what TAB has been successfully implementing for customers since its inception and is increasingly in demand in the market: individual and transparent campaign solutions for mobile brands. With the new technology, Qverse can respond agilely and flexibly to trends and customer requirements and implement them tailor-made at short notice. With the help of the in-house ASSP solution "DirectDrive", Qverse can also provide perfectly coordinated support to customers who prefer an in-house solution.

"Qverse is the result of a collaborative development process and a direct response to the needs of our customers. In particular, for brands that run mobile performance in-house, Qverse provides the right tool with the 'DirectDrive' solution to plan, set up, control and optimize campaigns in a full and holistic way," says Qverse Managing Director Matthias Lesch.

"With our technology, we are pleased to complete the tech expertise of the PIA Group in a relevant and rapidly growing market environment. Together with our development team, we have developed a modular system technology in a special segment that can be perfectly integrated into the existing media in-house solutions of the PIA Group," says DCypher Media founder Andi Sava. Sava will take over the role of COO alongside Managing Director Matthias Lesch.

Qverse is a data-centric marketing company. We help develop mobile brands into the market leaders of tomorrow by offering holistic performance marketing solutions developed in-house to increase revenue and monetization with absolute customer transparency.

The PIA Group is the leading digital service provider in Germany and combines strategy, creativity and technology into data-driven marketing. The 1200 experts of the PIA Group support customers and partners in the digital transformation of their business models.

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