Quincey Whittington Signed by David Whitaker With Mon Ethos Pro

"Hulk" Changed the Lives of Countless Kids

Quincey Whittington

Mon Ethos Pro announces that professional athlete, Quincey Whittington has recently signed with their agency making them his agent and business consultant.

Whittington started bodybuilding after being coaxed into the field by the youth that he mentors in San Antonio, Texas, in an effort to demonstrate that "Anything is possible if you were to just put your mind to the task at hand and put forth tremendous effort." Whittington immediately excelled on the bodybuilding circuit after making his debut. Whittington's has coached and mentored kids that have gone on to play college sports like D1 football payer Josh Moore now at UT and Jordan more at Texas A&M, Kendyl Lange playing softball at UFC and Johnathan Ortega playing baseball at Texas State.

"You will never find someone with more heart and spirit than Quincey Whittington," says his coach Omar Ventura, Vice President of Athletic Talent for Mon Ethos Pro. "The dedication that he brings to this sport will make him a champion, but the commitment to serving as a role model for kids is what will make him a superstar."

"This hulk on the outside has changed the lives of countless kids in Texas where he coaches them to be better athletes," says his agent David Whitaker.  

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