QUICKOM - Using QR Codes to Transform Communication Services

A new QR-code based calling service gives enterprise and individuals new levels of privacy and ease of connectivity.

QUICKOM by Beowulf Blockchain

Beowulf, a new communications services company, has announced the launch of QUICKOM, a customizable and private QR code called service. From enterprises to personal use, QUICKOM is designed to give control over communications back to the user, with a focus on privacy control.

QUICKOM is an inbound communication service that utilizes QR code technology to function. Users and customers use their smartphone cameras to scan the unique QR code, which automatically initiates a direct call or chatting session. These individualized QR codes are fully customizable, with the ability to set the duration of the call, the final destination, and expiration dates.

For enterprise solutions, customers will now be able to directly call businesses with. By scanning the QR code provided directly, or found on company social media pages, customers can instantly call the customer care center anytime, or anywhere, without any specific software. This will enable customers who need to reach human resources, or any call center, more quickly and hassle-free.

Personal transactions can also be potentially revolutionized by QUICKOM because it will bring more privacy control to personal communications. Users can now create their own unique QR code, rather than sharing telephone numbers which are historically easy to search, as they are tied to personal information that is easily and readily accessible to the majority of digitally literate persons. Now with QUICKOM, a user has the ability to control their own inbound calling, which can lead to a safer and more comfortable use of personal communications.

Beowulf is a decentralized cloud network for communication services. Beowulf enables businesses to provide communication features for their business without the typical barriers associated with call centers and maintaining successful client relations. This B2B platform provides ready-to-use technology for clients to adjust and operate their own communication services, to enhance their own business models.

To learn more visit: https://quickom.beowulfchain.com

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