Queued Up at Golden State Greens

San Diego Dispensary is Dedicated to Tech Innovation and the Customer Experience

Golden State Greens

The sky's the limit for Golden State Greens when it comes to innovation. The San Diego-based cannabis dispensary has been working with Salesforce, the world's No. 1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, to align customer needs with business growth opportunities.

"We're dedicated to remaining one of the most tech-advanced cannabis dispensaries, period," said Chief Growth Officer Gary Strahle.  

The partnership allows Golden State Greens to have scalable, flexible solutions at its fingertips and optimize its core efficiencies.

Specifically, the cloud-based software company helps businesses connect the customer journey across sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT and analytics.

"It's about figuring out the best way to serve the customer," said Chief Marketing Officer Alex Leon.

Partnering with Salesforce has given Golden State Greens greater visibility across its company. "It gives a robust ability to tie customers to specific products and see how the product is doing overall," Leon said. "The efficiency lies within having full transparency within our business and understanding what moves the needle for our customers."

While typical point-of-sales systems are fixed, offering limited features with basic functionality, Golden States Greens tailors its business by incorporating feedback from its budtenders.

Its POS customization benefits consumers by allowing them to begin the shopping process while waiting in line to pick up their order, so it's in the queue and ready to grab in-store from their friendly, knowledgeable budtenders.

The technology also creates personalized offers for product availability and discounts by rating their experience so concerns can be immediately addressed.

Golden State Greens makes digital transformations on demand with the support of the Salesforce partner network, applications.

"Salesforce allows us to customize the way our business speaks with other marketing channels and helps us track results," Leon said.

Golden State Greens uses automation to save time, money and resources through its "nug wallet," which replaced the punch card as its loyalty rewards program, allowing patients to earn a percentage cash back on every transaction with no spending minimum.

"We can build custom applications as needed and, in most cases, we are digitally transforming business activities so we can manage and run the business more efficiently," Strahle said. "Digital transformation allows us to control our rate of discount, mitigate fraud and increase repeat purchases."

Golden State Greens has also created a contactless self-check-in process using QR codes, resulting in increased online sales, a lower bounce rate and boost in web traffic.

Leon said that Salesforce gives Golden State Greens the ability to move in any direction and incorporate changes that enhance the customer experience. "We focus on doing all the heavy lifting up front to create and expediate the process so, by the time they get to the budtender, their experience can be more personal rather than transactional."

Visit www.goldenstategreens.com or call (844) 420-8387 for more info.

Source: Golden State Greens