Quest Trust Company Now Offers Cryptocurrency Investing in Self-Directed IRAs

Achieve financial goals faster with cryptocurrency in a Self-Directed IRA at Quest Trust Company. Alongside real estate and other private entities that can be held in a Self-Directed IRA at Quest, cryptocurrency has also been added to the list of investment choices.

Coming this spring, investors will now have the ability to invest in cryptocurrency with a Self-Directed IRA at Quest Trust Company. Quest is here to announce that, with the ErisX platform, Quest is able to give clients the option to hold cryptocurrency in their retirement accounts. Investors can participate in an educational event about how to invest in cryptocurrency. 

For investors with Traditional or Roth IRA, a specialty account or a self-directed employer plan, the ability to invest in crypto is available — without the worry of being subject to capital gains taxes. Quest Trust Company comes together with ErisX to provide an easy-to-understand system and platform for crypto investing. ErisX enables Self-Directed IRAs to invest in crypto assets and further expand portfolio diversification. ErisX can provide investment options for Self-Directed IRA account holders at Quest Trust Company that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Participate in an educational event about how to invest in cryptocurrency with a Self-Directed IRA.

Event: Self-Directed IRA Social — The Special Cryptocurrency Edition with John Denza

Tuesday, April 5, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. — HOUSTON and ONLINE

ErisX joins Quest Trust Company as a special guest speaker for the Self-Directed IRA Social introducing crypto investing at Quest Trust Company. Learn from the experts how to buy and sell cryptocurrency in a self-directed account to create tax-free wealth for retirement, and network at the same time. Tapping into the trillions of dollars' worth of investment capital for deals is easier than some may think. All it takes is the right conversation to unlock unlimited capital. Visit the Quest Trust Company website to register for free. This event features an online and in-person portion. 

Cryptocurrency at Quest:

  • Expert Staff — Highly educated representatives 
  • World-Famous Customer Service — Friendly staff 
  • Online Features — Fund new investment safely online 
  • 24-48 Hours Processing Time — Fast funding times 
  • Simplicity — Simple platforms and processes
  • Variety — Diversify investment portfolios 

To get more information, click here to visit the Quest Trust Company website where registration is available for free. 

Sarah Shellam | Certified IRA Services Professional | 855-386-4727

Source: Quest Trust Company