Quest IRA, Inc. Transitions Into Quest Trust Company

Quest Trust Company opened today as a Texas-chartered trust company while maintaining the Quest IRA features Americans have come to expect.

Quest Trust Company is a Texas chartered trust company with offices in Houston, Dallas and Austin, Texas, and clients across the United States. Effective November 1, 2018, Quest IRA, Inc. will merge into Quest Trust Company and become the direct custodian of IRAs and other self-directed accounts, such as HSAs and CESAs.

Quest Trust Company will continue to allow Americans the ability to continue self-directing their retirement accounts into non-traditional investments, including real estate, promissory notes and private placements. While maintaining the Quest IRA mission and business model at its core, Quest Trust Company will offer clients the same world-famous customer service but with a more diverse array of services and improved systems. 

H. Quincy Long, CEO and Founder of Quest IRA, Inc. stated that “Since 2003, we’ve been providing Americans the necessary education and tools to build their financial future on their own terms. Our goal remains to change people’s lives by providing them investment knowledge and outstanding administrative services.”


Source: Quest Trust Company

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