Qube Money Introduces Joint Accounts to Unite Couples Around a Shared Financial Vision

The new product update allows users to create shared accounts that enable spend management and budget planning to improve financial health among couples and families

Qube Money

Qube Money, a money management and digital banking platform, today announced the launch of Joint Accounts. Joint Accounts is a premium app feature that allows Qube Money users to add companions to their plan so they can make decisions together, improve communication, and maintain financial health.

Money is the number one issue couples fight about. From advanced spend planning to real-time budget management, Qube is on a mission to unite couples by providing a solution that empowers financial transparency and seamless money management. 

"Understanding the deep connection between relationships and money, we believe we can help couples collaborate and create transparency with money planning," said Ryan Clark, CEO and co-founder at Qube Money. "Living out this truth, we've set a goal to decrease the U.S. divorce rate by one percent."

The Joint Accounts feature allows users to better collaborate with their partners on financial decision-making. The app sets up digital envelopes that work in conjunction with a Qube Money debit card tied to the account. For couples, this means two apps, two debit cards, and one account.

Couples get paid and then proactively allocate their money to their plan via the "qubes." This gives purpose and intentionality to their money. It frees couples to then execute the plan knowing they both already agreed to this spending.

Qube's Proactive spending method, called "Tap to Spend," enables choice, allowing partners to select which qube they are spending from with each purchase. The app then notifies each person on the plan regarding the qube used, the purchase amount, and merchant name, creating a line of open communication so couples can stay on track towards their financial goals.

"While other personal finance apps focus on past behaviors, Qube is focused on the future and present," said Shane Walker, executive vice president and co-founder at Qube Money. "We are transforming the environment of your money so you have the control and awareness of spending cash and the convenience and safety of using a card.

Joint Accounts is available through the premium version of the app to qualifying customers in the U.S. Learn more at www.qubemoney.com or on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Qube Money is a mobile banking app that provides real-time banking solutions to make spending and saving with purpose an easy, seamless part of life. Qube aligns people's use of money with their purpose and creates financial fulfillment. Ultimately, Qube empowers people to experience more abundance, joy, and peace with money.

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