Quantivate Announces Enhancements to Its Award-Winning Business Continuity Software

Company's latest update eases the burden of compliance for banks and credit unions

On the heels of winning two awards for its Business Continuity solution, Quantivate today announced the launch of its newest update to assist bank and credit union customers in complying with ever-changing guidelines.

Quantivate Business Continuity is a holistic platform that provides financial institutions with tools for end-to-end business continuity and disaster recovery planning and management.

SoftwareReviews chose Quantivate's BC software as the recipient of its 2021 Champion award and Gold Medal based on data from end users and IT professionals.

"Quantivate doesn't rest when it comes to providing our customers with the tools they need to successfully manage governance, risk, and compliance. We're always improving our software," said Quantivate CEO and Founder Andy Vanderhoff. "The latest update to our Business Continuity application enables banks and credit unions to work more efficiently, eases the burden of complying with regulatory changes, and makes the software even more intuitive."

The update includes enhancements to three core areas:

  • Risk appetite tracking - Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines mandate that business continuity plans show alignment with the strategic objectives of the organization. Banks and credit unions will now be able to directly correlate risk appetite and the associated workflow for auditing purposes and overall alignment with the new guidelines.
  • Key indicator tracking - Teams can track key performance indicators (KPIs) and key risk indicators (KRIs) within the Business Continuity dashboard using updated widgets and options.
  • Notifications - Using new notification options, institutions can ensure administrators and staff are alerted to new processes, added vendors, and important updates.

Quantivate Business Continuity sits within the company's application suite of governance, risk, and compliance solutions. Banks and credit unions have the flexibility to start small and implement departmental solutions knowing that they can later expand or implement the full GRC Suite.

About Quantivate

Quantivate has provided web-based governance, risk, and compliance software and service solutions to organizations of all sizes since 2005. Since then, the company has grown to feature a full suite of GRC modules, including Business Continuity, Vendor Management, Enterprise Risk Management, IT Risk Management, Internal Audit, Regulatory Compliance, Policy & Document Management, Complaint Management, and Issue Management. Our GRC solutions have helped thousands of customers transform the way they manage risk, improve compliance, and strengthen governance.

Source: Quantivate