Quantitative Investment Decisions, LLC Named Top Gun Manager by Informa Investment Solutions

#1 Large Cap Manager Q3 2017 and Top 3 Year Global Balanced Manager

​​​Quantitative Investment Decisions, LLC (QID) has been awarded a Top Gun designation by Informa Investment Solutions’ PSN manager database, North America’s longest running database of investment managers. QID has achieved the award for its U.S. Growth equity strategy "Titans," its Global Balanced ETF strategy, and its Global Balanced Retirement Growth Portfolio.

“We are very pleased with the consistency of our tactical strategy performances,” said Ron Santangelo, QID CIO. “The firm has won Top Gun awards, as a Stock/ETF strategist, for at least one of our seven strategies in seven of the last nine quarters.  Recently we extended our quantitative models to include stocks with the development of our Titans portfolio. The model identifies companies that are dominating their industry or are emerging contenders to the leaders. The unique feature of QID’s strategies is that they have built in defensive mechanism that determines when extreme downside risk is present for a sector. If all sectors indicate extreme downside risk, the strategy automatically goes to 100% cash equivalent ETFs or Treasuries. We provide advisors the ability to develop well-diversified portfolios that their clients need, coupled with the extreme downside protection that investors desire. QID also provides tactical strategies for U.S. equity, international equity, global fixed-income, and alternative assets. Our strategies provide financial advisors the ability to use any of our strategies as a tactical complement to a client’s portfolio or as a turnkey solution with diversification across several or all of our strategies.“

Through a combination of Informa Investment Solutions’ proprietary performance screens, PSN Top Gun ranks products in six proprietary categories in over 50 universes. This is a well-respected quarterly ranking and is widely used by institutional asset managers and investors. Informa Investment Solutions is part of Informa Financial Intelligence, a leading provider of critical decision-making solutions and custom services to financial institutions.

Top Gun firms are awarded a rating ranging from one to six stars, with the number of stars representing continued performance over time. QID was named a Top Gun with a one-star rating for the U.S. Titan strategy. The strategy was ranked number two overall for U.S. equity performance for Q3 2017.  In addition, the strategy was the top performing U.S. Large Cap strategy. The Global Balanced strategy was the sixth best performing strategy for 3-year performance and top four strategy in the global Balanced ETF strategy category.  

1-Star Category: Products with this rating performed among the top ten within their respective universes, based on quarterly returns.

3-Star Category: These products rank among the top ten performers within their respective universes, based on returns for the three-year period.

The QID Titans strategy is a concentrated U.S. stock portfolio that may be non-diversified.  The goal is to identify companies that are dominant in their industry.  Companies that qualify are placed through a secondary proprietary quantitative model to determine at current valuation if the stock is a buy or not. Stocks that are buys are equally weighted in the portfolio. Stocks that are identified as emerging competitors to a Titan may also be purchased as a portion of the stock position. Unlike most growth portfolios QID strategies have a built in defensive mechanism. If less than four stocks remain "on," the portfolio starts to raise cash. If all stocks turn “off,” the portfolio will be 100% cash equivalent or Treasury ETF. 

The Global Balanced strategy is a diversified portfolio that has exposure to U.S. equity, international equity, global fixed-income, and alternative asset classes.  Alternative asset classes are defined as commodities with weights in-line with the S&P GSCI Commodities Index plus REITS.  The weights of each asset class is determined by a proprietary weighting system. The unique feature of the strategy is that each asset class may start to raise cash as its sectors turn “off.” If all asset class sectors are “off,” the strategy will be 100% cash equivalent or Treasury ETF.

“PSN Top Gun, which ranks products in six categories in over 50 universes, is a go-to resource for institutional asset managers and investors in their decision-making process,” said Ryan Nauman, VP, product and market strategist at Informa Financial Intelligence. “Congratulations to Quantitative Investment Decisions, LLC on being named a PSN Top Gun. This highly respected ranking spotlights the performance of leading investment managers each quarter.”

The complete list of PSN Top Gun and an overview of the methodology is located at http://www.informais.com/resources/psn-top-guns.

For more details on the methodology behind the PSN Top Gun Rankings or to purchase PSN Top Gun Reports, contact Ruth Calderon at ruth.calderon@informais.com.

Quantitative Investment Decisions, LLC has been nominated for and has won several awards. Quantitative Investment Decisions, LLC did not make any solicitation payments to any of the award sponsors in order to be nominated or to qualify for nomination of the award. The basis for each award presented on this website is provided by accessing the Internet link to the award sponsor which is available by going to the award sponsor’s icon or name shown on the web pages herein.

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