QuantHub Launches National Data Challenge for University Students

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QuantHub’s Back-to-Campus Data Challenge, a real-world challenge for university students in the U.S. and Canada, is open for registration today.

Students will use data wrangling, exploration, and modeling skills to complete the challenge, and the individual with the highest score receives $1,000. In addition, the university with the highest average score among its individual participants will receive a $1,000 grant.

Matt Cowell, Chief Executive Officer of QuantHub said, “We wanted to host a challenge at the university level to encourage the continued development of data scientists and data engineers. Our customers are hiring for these advanced analytics roles by the hundreds, so we’re trying to help students around the world develop the skills to fill them.”

The data challenge, designed by QuantHub’s Chief Data Scientist, Nathan Black, begins on October 5, and students have until October 9 to complete the four-hour challenge. Using online review data, students will be asked to complete a series of advanced analytics tasks and show their work in a Jupyter notebook.

“We already have participants from 30 different universities and hope to see at least 50 schools compete in the challenge. Top computer engineering and business schools are already represented including: Duke, Harvard, Illinois, Columbia, and UC Berkeley among others,” said Cowell.

The data challenge is not just a chance to compete for prizes but for students to prepare for technical interviews. QuantHub provides testing and challenges for several Fortune 500 companies to vet their advanced-analytics candidates, and the data challenge uses the structure and activities asked in the technical interviews administered by QuantHub.

Founded in 2017 to help solve the “Quant Crunch,” IBM’s term for a shortage of data scientists and data engineers, QuantHub is a SaaS subscription-based platform written for data scientists by data scientists, providing skill tests, data challenges, and skill development plans completely tailored to the unique characteristics of the advanced analytics space. QuantHub empowers companies to improve their hiring efficiency, promote diversity by focusing hiring on actual skills, and engage each employee in their career development by assessing today’s top analytic skills and promoting training materials based on an individual’s exact skill graph and career goals.

Sign-up for QuantHub’s data challenge at https://info.quanthub.com/campuschallenge. Contact McCall Hardison, mhardison@quanthub.com, with any questions.


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