Qualifacts Partners With Los Angeles' VIP Community Mental Health Center to Deliver EHR Services

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Los Angeles-based Violence Intervention Program (VIP) Community Mental Health Center has announced a strategic partnership with Qualifacts, a leading provider of electronic health records (EHR) for behavioral health and human services organizations.

VIP’s decision to implement Qualifacts’ CareLogic EHR platform comes after an exhaustive search of EHR options with the ability to meet the provider’s growing and unique needs, says Erik R. Surwill, Director of Information and Communications Technology for VIP. Founded in 1984, by Dr. Astrid Heppenstall Heger, a USC pediatrician trained in child abuse, to protect and treat all victims of family violence and sexual assault, the team at VIP has been expanding on that vision ever since.

“When we were introduced to CareLogic, it was a no-brainer to acquire the product as soon as possible,” Surwill says. “Each and every step of our clinical process was supported. We could create specific work paths for each of our employees that not only met the reporting requirements of Los Angeles County but actually supported their training and the process itself. No longer would we have to shoehorn our processes into an unintuitive kluge application; CareLogic would guide our clinicians through our process.”

CareLogic’s forms and workflows will be used to document care, improve outcomes, drive efficiencies and demonstrate high performance. The ability to meet each of those goals, in a way that’s tailored to VIP vs. the need to rework current systems and processes, was a key decider, Surwill says.

“We looked at EHR options in Los Angeles County and reviewed each with two major service goals in mind: Does it support your clinicians’ performance? And: Does it remove constraints from their performance? Until Qualifacts and CareLogic, the answer was a resounding no,” he says, adding “Finally, we found an EHR that provides true value.”

That’s because the CareLogic EHR platform will give VIP's clinicians more flexible and configurable EHR tools that mirror existing best practices and support better outcomes, said Todd Charest, Chief Product Officer for Qualifacts.

“Qualifacts is proud to join with VIP Community Health Center as its clinicians work every day to provide valuable and much-needed services to the Los Angeles community,” Charest said. “CareLogic’s assessment and treatment-plan capabilities, clean, customizable forms, and tools for complex billing will support VIP’s efforts to increase the efficiency of clinical operations, improve client outcomes and expand services offered thanks to more efficient operations.”

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