Qualer Will Be Adding Additional Features for Their Asset Management Software Solutions

Qualer, the world’s most powerful calibration management platform, takes its role in providing customer satisfaction above and beyond. After listening to industry voices and customer responses, Qualer added a host of new features to its Calibration and Service Management Platform, Qualer 2.7. These new features include a Work Calendar, a New Dynamic Workflow Engine, Classification Service Support and Smart Report Generation.

Qualer provides companies best-in-class functionality with their Calibration Management Software for the management and performance of calibrations and maintenance. Qualer’s Calibration Software Cloud infrastructure enables calibration and documentation to be processed in real-time, increasing efficiencies and productivity while reducing costs.

Qualer is an end-to-end pipette calibration platform to help run and expand a company's business, improve customer experience and reduce turnaround time through more efficient operations.

Through Qualer’s Lab Management Software, Asset Compliance capabilities take the guesswork out of asset management, giving a company the tools they need to face and pass an audit with ease. Qualer’s Lab Management Software ensures total compliance and audit readiness by managing all of a company’s assets on one easy-to-use dashboard. 

An organization relies on fast, reliable service from third-party vendors. With Qualer’s Maintenance Management Software, a company can define intricate requirements and automate how vendors service-specific assets through Qualer’s collaborative ecosystem. Qualer controls access to protect a company program’s integrity while eliminating manual processes between a company and its vendors. Vendor service documentation is automatically uploaded to Qualer through a portal once work is completed.

Lastly, Qualer is a Facility Management Software solution with a singular focus: shaping the future of asset health. We’ve designed a collaborative ecosystem that connects all of the pieces and people needed to manage the life cycle of critical assets together. Qualer empowers all stakeholders to communicate seamlessly under a single platform, creating alignment and making sure the right people are involved at the right time.

Source: Qualer

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