Qualer Announces Latest Release: Qualer 2.8, New Features for Calibration and Equipment Management Platform

Today, Qualer announced that its latest release, Qualer 2.8, is now available. Industry users can now access this robust upgrade with new and improved features for equipment and calibration management needs.

Qualer, the world’s most powerful equipment and calibration software management platform, propels customer satisfaction above all other concerns. Industry leaders asked for new features, and Qualer delivers. The latest upgrade offers stringent security protocols, flexibility, and a multitude of powerful tools for cost-effective and efficient process needs.

Qualer has added multiple new, powerful features with Qualer 2.8. Businesses can now quickly transfer equipment and service documentation to or between clients. Customers can express measurement uncertainties with unlimited flexibility. Qualer 2.8 allows for seamless integration with MET/CAL Automation via MET/CONNECT™. 

Additional Qualer 2.8 features include the ability to stratify and deploy employees by skill sets, and to designate asset fields as mandatory, optional, or hidden. Customers can create new work orders or request from existing orders, or request for increased efficiencies. These are just a few of the lab management software streamlined, powerful tools at the disposal of industry customers that Qualer guarantees. 

Qualer 2.8 is driven by industry feedback and demonstrates Qualer’s dedication to outstanding customer service, the latest and most efficient updates, and free assistance for installation and customization. Qualer is the industry leader in calibration and asset maintenance management software platforms. Qualer offers comprehensive, collaborative solutions to industry leaders across broad disciplines.

Source: Qualer


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