Qualer Announces Its Latest Release: Qualer 2.7

All New Features for the World's Most Powerful Calibration Management System

Today Qualer announced that its latest release, Qualer 2.7, is now live. Industry users can now access this significant upgrade with new and improved features for the calibration and service space. 

Qualer, the world’s most powerful calibration management platform, takes its role in providing customer satisfaction above and beyond. After listening to industry voices and customer responses, Qualer added a host of new features to its Calibration and Service Management Platform, Qualer 2.7. These new features include a Work Calendar, a New Dynamic Workflow Engine, Classification Service Support, Smart Report Generation, 

Outsourcing Status Monitoring, Advanced Tax Territories, Multi-asset Service Orders, and Automated Environment Condition Updates.

With the new Qualer Work Calendar, customers have a visual timeline at their fingertips, allowing for rapid schedule orders, assigning employees to orders, and reserving tools. Scheduling conflicted can be highlighted as well. 

The New Dynamic Workflow Engine provides companies with a powerful tool to manage workflows for tracking status, signatures, and locks for their assets. These are just some of the latest tools that propel Qualer customers to excellence in streamlining asset management needs.

Qualer's 2.7 Software is now currently available. Customers can now access Qualer Version 2.7 by completing an online form and they will receive a free training customized for their lab’s specific calibration and asset management needs. Qualer 2.7 is driven by industry feedback, and demonstrates Qualer’s dedication to outstanding customer service, the latest and most efficient updates, and free assistance for installation and customization. 

Qualer is the industry leader in calibration and asset management platforms. Qualer offers comprehensive, collaborative solutions to industry leaders across broad disciplines.

Source: Qualer.com


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