Qfactor's New Feature, Tasklist, Modernizes Operations for Land Surveyors

Game-changing software streamlines task management and employee training

As countless industries grapple with the effects of a looming recession, land surveying companies across the country are struggling to keep up with business. The challenge of successfully managing tasks and training new employees causes many of these companies to lose valuable time and money — and prevents projects from being completed on time and on budget. Based on the Central Coast of California, BizWatt, LLC has added a new feature to Qfactor, its cloud-based project management software, to solve that problem. 

Tasklist allows land surveyors to automatically track and communicate about project tasks and easily train new employees. The software not only ensures consistent delivery of quality services, but is helping train new employees and crews, allowing survey companies to scale up with demand.

"Land surveying is so impacted right now because real estate moves no matter what the economy is doing, whether you're selling existing homes or new homes are getting built," BizWatt founder Fred Dyste said. "But without consistent, easy-to-measure operating procedures in place, land surveyors are facing constant bottlenecks and endless frustration."

Qfactor's Tasklist helps land surveyors track everything that's in the pipeline and communicate as a team in real time. It can also be used to build project plans and checklists for teaching new employees the tricks of the trade.

"Most importantly, you can see things that haven't been done. It ensures efficiency and profitability," Dyste said. "When it comes to tools like GPS, Lidar, and graphic imaging, surveyors are at the forefront of hardware and technology. Qfactor and Tasklist help bring their operations up to the same level."

It's estimated most small- to medium-sized companies use seven to nine separate productivity applications to run their business. Qfactor integrates with numerous applications in one convenient, cloud-based location. 

"To combat the frustration we experienced bouncing between multiple cloud and folder locations searching for project files, images, and documents, we invested in Qfactor," said Alison Mitchell, Operations/Sales Manager at Dart Land Services in Houston, Texas. 

"As we've become more and more familiar with Qfactor's well-organized project management features, we asked that a task list be added to streamline our employees' user experience and help management see what wasn't getting done," Mitchell said.

Tasklist allows managers to create checklists for each service and assign tasks and due dates to employees. 

"We hear our clients pain points and work with them to create 'painkillers,'" Dyste said. "Our No. 1 goal is to make sure our clients succeed."

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Founded in 2016 by Fred Dyste and Ryder Ross, BizWatt, LLC developed Qfactor™ for land surveyors, a leading proposal, project creation and tracking tool providing status and profitability reporting by integrating with time entry and accounting software so data is entered once, showing up where needed. bizwatt.com

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BizWatt LLC is a 7-year old privately owned software development company founded in San Luis Obispo, CA. BizWatt is the creator of Qfactor for Land Surveyors, a well established, cloud-based project management application.

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