QDRONOW, owned by Hetsler Mediation & Valuation, Inc., ("HMV") is full service non-attorney retirement division service for anyone needing a their 401K, Military Retirement, Pension or other retirement divided through a QDRO.

QDRONOW's provides a seamless and efficient method to secure a QDRO the same week. QDRONOW prepares QDRO's in all fifty United States as well as coordinates with the Retirement Plan Administrator to ensure it is acceptable to them.

QDRONOW provides a "One Stop" shop for the preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders ("QDRO"). They have a team or professionals who handle the preparation of your QDRO or Retirement Division Orders. All work is overseen by Dr. Robert G. Hetsler, Jr, CPA, CVA, CFF, FCPA who is the owner of QDRONOW.com. For the client, the process is very simple. The client is required to complete a short questionnaire and then fax it back or email it back along with a copy of the final judgment or proposed final judgment (just portion pertaining to the retirement division). The client then gets a call personally from Dr. Hetsler who will respond to any questions they may have. Thereafter, your QDRO will be prepared and forwarded to the Plan Administrator for approval within 72 hours. Any changes requested by the Plan Administrator are handled by HMV and, if necessary, re-submitted to the Plan Administrator for final approval. After securing final approval from the Plan Administrator, the QDRO is then forwarded to the client or client's attorney for submission to the Judge. In the unlikely event the court refuses or denies the QDRO, HMV will also make any corrections needed at no additional charge. The total fee HMV charges for this service is $325.00.

Our main objective is to take all the hard work out of preparing the QDRO from the client as well as make it a seamless and easy process for the client. By instituting our process, we have done exactly that.


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