QCB Events Inc Unites With Industry Leaders at Convention

Travel and continual learning contribute to the fuel that powers QCB Events Inc. The company's President explained how the team is combining these activities and more at an upcoming event.

​Our next travel opportunity involves a trip to Dallas, Texas,” said Brooke, the President of QCB Events Inc. “It’s the location of a quarterly networking conference, and our team’s highest performers have been chosen to participate. In addition to meeting other professionals in the industry, they will receive hands-on training.”

Brooke highlighted several of the benefits the conference will offer. The more team members learn from the speakers and workshops at the event, and from the people they meet, the better positioned they are to develop into QCB Events Inc leaders. What’s more, enjoying the entire adventure in each other’s company is a great bonding experience. As they grow closer, the team members collaborate more cohesively back at the office.

“These gatherings often include recognition events as well,” Brooke added. “They allow attendees to see how far they can take their careers. It’s truly motivating, and it’s also a lot of fun to celebrate others’ awards and successes with them.”

"Our next travel opportunity involves a trip to Dallas, Texas,"



QCB Events Inc President Expands on the Positive Effects of Travel

According to Brooke, the actual process of traveling yields just as many benefits as a conference itself. For instance, visiting new and different places allows people to look at other cultures and lifestyles with fresh perspectives. These unique points of view often facilitate creative thinking and heightened empathy.

“Business travel is great for problem solving and adaptability too,” Brooke continued. “All sorts of challenges arise when on the go, from delayed flights to hotel reservation mix-ups. Navigating an unfamiliar place is an adventure in and of itself. These things force us to think on our feet, practice patience, and generally roll with the punches.”

Self-care is an important part of the QCB Events Inc ethos, and Brooke indicated that periodically getting out of the office is an effective way to prevent burnout. Instead of performing the same duties in the same location day in and day out, business travelers are nourished by new experiences. Opportunities to visit museums, sample local foods, and go sightseeing form rejuvenating mini-vacations.

“Attendance at conferences near and far is always worth the investment,” Brooke concluded. “The renewed focus, innovation, and energy that result are palpable throughout the office. Our upcoming excursion is sure to be just as meaningful.”

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