Qball Sports Reaction Ball Powerful Stocking Stuffer for the Athlete on Your List

The Qball is a new tool that is poised to revolutionize the way in which individuals of all ages train their brains and bodies. A solid rubber reaction ball with an erratic bounce, the Qball exercises and enhances hand-eye coordination, reaction times, vision and memory.

From elite athletes looking to hone their game to elderly individuals trying to slow down age-related memory decline, the Qball is a universal tool that can help individuals of all skill levels and life stages. The Qball is also extremely beneficial to children, students and individuals suffering from vision or cognitive difficulties.

The Qball uses speed and an erratic bounce to challenge individuals and keep their minds fully engaged. Unlike other reaction balls currently on the market the Qball activates numerous areas of the brain, exercising both the cerebrum and the cerebellum. Each side of the Qball is imprinted with a different number, allowing for the incorporation of fun and competitive mathematical and memory games while bouncing the Qball. In addition to benefiting athletes and the elderly, the Qball can help students improve in both academics and athletics by challenging their memory and focus while also enhancing their hand-eye coordination and reaction times. It is also an extremely useful tool in vision therapy, as it helps retrain the eyes to work properly. The Qball encourages individuals to be active and on their feet, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s sedentary world that revolves around the two dimensions of computer and TV screens.

The Qball is a #1 best seller on Amazon for Sports Reaction Balls and is featured in December in the Amazon "12 days of Gifting" Promotion.

Bob Martyn, Founder

The Qball can be used by one person to bounce and catch without having to move their feet or chase the ball as it has a moderately erratic bounce. ​

It is a versatile tool that is beneficial to everyone and produces real life results. Whether someone is shopping for an aspiring athlete, a dedicated student or an elderly parent, the Qball makes the perfect gift this holiday season. For more information on the Qball visit www.qballextreme.com today.

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About Qball

The Qball is a solid rubber reaction ball that trains the mind and body, resulting in enhanced hand-eye coordination, focus and reaction times. It is beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their motor coordination and memory skills.


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