Pyxis Energy Launches Electric Reliability Service in New Jersey and Dallas-Fort Worth

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Pyxis Energy launches electric reliability service offering in the New Jersey and Dallas-Fort Worth markets. The company has launched Alternative Market Power, or AMP, an innovative reliability service that keeps its customers energy grid-independent. No longer will homeowners and businesses have to worry about failing utility infrastructure, the increasing number of natural disasters, nor the threat of cyber-terrorism shutting down the power grid.

Pyxis Energy has partnered with Generac Power Systems Inc. to bring environmentally-friendly, USA-engineered and built automated generator solutions to homes and businesses. These Pyxis AMP customers enjoy the reliability of a Generac generator for little to no upfront cost, no hassle, and no maintenance responsibilities via a truly 100 percent turnkey, hands-off solution. These generators will start automatically to provide backup power during outages; it's electricity insurance for homes and businesses. 

All that’s required for Pyxis AMP customers is a low monthly reliability fee and an electric and gas broker relationship with Pyxis Energy. Occasionally, Pyxis Energy will remotely dispatch the generator to protect against electrical grid instability or to offset extreme market conditions. Due to advancements in engine technology, Generac Response Series generators, fueled by natural gas or liquid propane, are EPA-certified for non-emergency use and can operate without restriction.

Pyxis AMP generators are installed by locally-owned and licensed Generac dealers. Pyxis Energy retains ownership of generator and associated micro-grid hardware for the term of the customer agreement. Generators are monitored in real time, and should any issue occur, a local Generac dealer is dispatched. All generators are maintained and serviced according to Generac guidelines or better, which maximizes the useful life of the hardware and its availability.

Pyxis Energy serves customers in Maryland, Texas, New Jersey, and New York. To learn more about the company and their Alternative Market Power product, visit

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Founded in 2014, Pyxis Energy in an industry innovator in energy reliability solutions for homes and businesses. The company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information, visit

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