PVBLIC Foundation, Partners Launch ExtraMyle and Care to Connect NYC Programs for New Yorkers in Need

PVBLIC Foundation in partnership with Myle Technologies and New York City Health and Human Services launched ExtraMyle and the Care to Connect NYC programs to provide solutions to support the City of New York’s need for resources and solutions.

The partnership is operating with connected taxi and for-hire licensed driver workforce to assist as the backbone to all programs allowing New York drivers to earn a living while the lockdown continues. All of these solutions are at no cost to New York City health services or those benefiting from the services, as they are financed by MYLE Technologies and PVBLIC Foundation.

Over the past two months the partnership has been transporting COVID-19 positive patients to life-saving therapies and procedures safely without risking lives or further spreading the virus. Additionally the initiative has been delivering donated medical supplies from fellow New Yorkers to those on the front lines of this pandemic – hospital staff and health care workers. 

In addition to transporting NYC’s most vulnerable, the ExraMyle program is also supporting the Care to Connect NYC platform that is collecting all types of unused smart devices; smartphones, tablets and accessories.

The smart devices are used to provide assistance and communication to COVID-19 patients, with the goal to help those in need stay connected. When faced with a life-threatening illness, virtual emotional support and access to programs that can help patients manage their life can reduce mental stress.

“To those in need, NYC’s most vulnerable, the unused smartphones and tablets can be a window to the world; a support network, lifeline, safe place to keep patients informed and connected,” said Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman, PVBLIC Foundation. 

Donated items will be used by COVID-19 patients at Javits New York Medical Shelter, Billie Jean King Tennis Stadium and other alternate care sites around New York City. These smart devices will allow patients to call family members, observe virtual religious services and access City resources like Access NYC and telehealth apps – including behavioral health and relaxation apps as options.

“We decided to partner with PVBLIC the PVBLIC Foundation and donated our technology and our taxi fleet, as resources, to service this program by managing device pickups and medical supplies and delivering them to local residents of New York’s five boroughs,” stated Aleksey Medvedovskiy, CEO of Myle Technologies.

To donate smart devices and accessories visit https://www.caretoconnectnyc.org

To donate medical supplies and resources visit Http://www.extramyle.org

To download the app visit

Download from Apple Store

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PVBLIC Foundation is an innovative non-profit media organization that harnesses the power of public-private partnerships with media, data, and technology to drive social change. https://www.pvblic.org 


MYLE Technologies was created to bring the latest innovation in Mobility to innovate how we use real unbiased technology to help NY’ers move around without surcharges as well as using vehicles for logistics and impact related initiatives. https://ridemyle.com

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