Putting Toxins In Perspective

Worrying about pesticide toxins is not productive when most mouths have are a toxin producing factory. Without good oral hygiene, toxins will enter the blood stream and digestive tract and cause havoc to the body.

There are people who are rightfully fearful of the pesticides and toxins in and on the food supply. They buy organic fruits, vegetables, free-range chickens and cage-free eggs. That's great, BUT how many of these same people lack good oral hygiene or don't insist on good oral hygiene for their family? Those individuals who neglect or give cursory care to their oral health do not truly understand toxins. They don't realize that the amounts of toxins produced by the bugs in their mouth are doing far more damage to their health and longevity than the pesticides on that organic apple. (Yes, there are FDA approved pesticides on those organic products. They are just "organic pesticides" at "acceptable levels". Just because its organic doesn't mean that it's not toxic.)

The bugs that are in the mouth create higher and higher amounts of acid as time goes on between brushings. This results in a very low pH. Once the pH goes below 5.5, the enamel on the teeth goes into solution, causing cavities. A cavity is the enamel being eroded in the presence of this acid. The gum tissue inflames from this acid bath. Imagine the sites between teeth that have never seen a toothbrush bristle.

In a short amount of time (within 24 hours) the waste level from the bacteria in the mouth becomes very destructive, with higher volumes of acid and lower pH. In mature biofilms, the toxins of this waste matter can be damaging to the whole body not just the teeth. Slithering worm-like organisms called spirochetes are just one of the 20 or so species currently identified as being responsible for periodontal disease. But what about all the other organisms not responsible for periodontal disease? Those other bacteria and viruses are causing other diseases in the body. What happens to all the other bacterial excrement? Well, it gets ingested.

Just like the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum (botulism), is commonly understood as being responsible for food poisoning, the bacteria in the mouth are responsible for poisoning at every level. This could include cellular bursting of white blood cells or increasing permeability of the epithelial lining of all the arteries or complete organ destruction of the heart. Hence the entire body can be brought to lifelessness from these little guys. Unlike botulism which has a rapid onset after exposure, the bugs in the mouth whittle away at the systemic health slowly - usually over decades of time.

There are two types of toxins: exotoxins and endotoxins. "Exo" means out, "endo" means in. Exotoxins are from the excrement of the bacteria in the biofilm. Exotoxins are exported into other parts of the body. These are ingested through saliva and into the GI track. So, why the worry about the pesticide on that apple, when there is a toxin-generating-plant in the mouth and the body is constantly swallowing toxins from the biofilm factory?
Endotoxins are those in the cell wall or outer membrane of the bacteria. The endotoxins act right at or around the site of the inflammation. As blood cells engulf and attack the invading microbes, toxins are released from the cell walls of the bacteria, as the bacteria are being destroyed. Think little Pac Men chomping on the bacteria. As the Pac Men gobble up the bacteria, the toxins escape and are released in the blood stream. Once in the blood stream, these toxins are damaging the tissue of organs elsewhere in the body, not just the site around the periodontal involved tooth. So, people should not freak out when their kid doesn't wash that apple, they should freak out if their child is not cleaning their teeth thoroughly.

Usually pesticide toxins are transient, which means a person is not constantly exposed to the source. For example, one may get exposed to toxins in a batch of the corn flakes or the peanut butter or the apple sauce on the day they are eaten. Realize that all food has some sort of chemical contamination. So going organic is not the solution to eliminating this exposure. The population does what is possible to grow, wash and process the food supply. However, the exposure to the toxins growing in one's mouth is perpetual. That is, they are ever-present until teeth are cleaned. These toxins from under the gum line and around each tooth are out of control. They multiply all day, every day. They create the unbalanced, unhealthy, unattractive condition known as periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is responsible for more tooth loss and other body issues than cavities or decay. It's important "toxins" are put in perspective and one realizes how toxic periodontal disease is.