Putting the EV Smart City Solutions in the Fast Lane With CerebrumX and Numocity Partnership

​​CerebrumX (www.cerebrumx.ai) and Numocity (www.numocity.com) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining CerebrumX’s industry-leading Automotive Data Management Platform (DMP) with Numocity’s Electric Vehicle Advanced Mobility Platform, which offers a comprehensive solution for EV charging, battery swapping and smart grid integration.

Data from connected cars plays an important role in accelerating the development of energy and smart city ecosystems. The CerebrumX-Numocity partnership is a powerful combination for smart city, energy and retail ecosystems. CerebrumX’s understanding of complex, near-real-time processing of car data for solutions that require data-augmentation from various sources, including the Automotive OEM cloud, is uniquely complementary to how Numocity’s EV Mobility Platform works. With data insights provided by CerebrumX’s Data Management Platform, Numocity will be able to suggest the best location for EV charging stations and enable new revenue streams to its EV infrastructure customers, including targeted retail campaigns on EV charger displays. In a 360-degree partnership, Numocity will share its intelligence on EV vehicle and energy usage to CerebrumX, which in turn will generate unique insights into EV business key performance indicators.

“Partnering with Numocity to create a smart ecosystem that provides EV insights to our automotive infrastructure partners using our Data Management Platform is an important milestone,” said Sandip Ranjhan , CerebrumX CEO. “Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of our Data Management Platform for the energy value chain, including the retail vertical, and place our global OEM partners and Numocity EV infrastructure customers on the best path for success in the new energy business landscape.”

“Data plays an important role in creating new business models for the emerging electric vehicle market. We want to be the enabler of various data-driven revenue streams within the energy value chain, including the retail vertical, and accelerate eMobility,” said Ravikiran Annaswamy, Cofounder and CEO Numocity.

“Our collaboration with CerebrumX will allow us to create some unique solutions in the global EV market for energy as a service,” added Siddharth Sreenivasan, Cofounder and CMO Numocity.

About CerebrumX

CerebrumX (www.cerebrumx.ai), headquartered in Princeton, NJ, USA, and with offices across NA, EMEA and APAC, provides a ubiquitous ecosystem to our partners (OEMs, Media, Insurers, Fleet Companies, Smart Cities/Municipalities, etc.) by virtue of its Data Management Platform to enable the monetization of connected car data that is, as yet, un-utilized to any significant level due to the absence of the right automotive ecosystem. 

About Numocity

Numocity (www.numocity.com), headquartered in Bangalore, India, provides an intelligent mobility platform for businesses in the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem across the stages of energy generation, delivery, and consumption. Numocity’s "Energy as a Service” platform connects various EV players from electric vehicle and charger OEMs, battery manufacturers, energy service providers, charging stations and fleets, enabling new operational and business models.

Source: CerebrumX