Pushover Add-on of WordPress Form Maker Plugin

Web-Dorado has today announced the launch of Pushover Form Maker Add-On, an integration with the popular push notification service. The new WordPress Form Maker plugin add-on is live on Web-Dorado.com now.

Form Maker Pro consumers are now able to receive push notifications after a new form is being submitted on WordPress form. Notifications are being sent to form administrators in real-time. Push notifications are sent to mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. These are comparable with the following devices and their prototypes too: Pebble, Android Wear, iPhones, iPads, Apple watches, as well as on desktops.  

Alerts are being sent to Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop devices. The app includes a free 7-day trial and unlimited usage on Android beyond the 7-day trial requires a one-time $4.99 in-app purchase. Pushover has no monthly subscription fees and customers will always be able to receive unlimited messages after a free 7-day trial by making a one-time license purchase. Same is true for Form Maker add-on, meaning that consumers will still be able to use the add-on, even when subscription ends.

In cooperation with the add-on can send a big number of messages for free each month.

Each application registered to send Pushover notifications may send 7,500 messages per month for free. The official Pushover service website offers subscription plans for high-volume applications that need to send more than 7,500 messages per month. Prices for additional capacity are the following: for 10,000 notifications, costing $50.00 USD; 25,000 for $115.00 USD; 50,000 for $200.00 USD.

The app requires at least Android 2.3 and is optimized for Android 4 and Android 5. The app for Android also includes a widget that can be added to the home screen of an Android device to quickly view notifications (requires Android 4). As for iOS clients the app requires iOS 7 or higher. As for browser surfers enables desktop notifications in newer versions of Chrome (including Chrome OS), Firefox, and Safari. For this case it is worth to mention that notifications will pop-up when customers have the browser tab open. Notifications are pushed to browsers in real-time using a bandwidth-efficient mechanism and messages are downloaded and stored offline in browser too. So, administrators will be able to be back and review the storage of notifications as well. Search through alert history and ease of custom app creation make this push notification system my favorite weight because it just uses curl. Options allow to set emergency-priority of notifications, allowing to view exact notifications. Retry intervals can be specified as well (at least 30 seconds) and the amount of time the notification should keep repeating (up to 24 hours) until acknowledged. Add-on options also include a chance for a custom made HTML text as well..  

Pushover is compatible with Professional version of WordPress Form Maker plugin only. This add-on is the latest additions in the list of eight Form Maker Pro plugin add-on library.

Visit  https://web-dorado.com/products/wordpress-form/add-ons/pushover.html  for more details