Pursuit Promotional Management Stresses Top-Tier Training

Selected team members from Pursuit Promotional Management attended a recent conference in Dallas. The firm's Director of Operations detailed the event and the many benefits of team travel.

The Pursuit Promotional Management commitment to ongoing development takes many forms. Along with all kinds of in-office programs, team members enjoy a wide range of travel events. The most recent of these incentives was a trip to the quarterly networking conference in Dallas. Michael M., the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “This conference offered so much potential in terms of education and networking. Gretchen and Lauren were selected to attend due to the determination they’ve shown to reach their goals.”

Hands-on training was one of the main draws of the conference. Michael remarked, “Interacting with other high achievers from our industry is a great way to learn about best practices and emerging techniques. Our team members had the chance to gain fresh insights that I’m sure they’ll apply to big Pursuit Promotional Management projects in the near future.”

The chance to add helpful names to their contact lists was another prime benefit for Gretchen and Lauren. “Being surrounded by successful people is always an inspiring experience,” the Director added. “For Lauren, who is an admin with our firm, this was her first real chance to meet people from all across our industry. She and Gretchen returned to the Pursuit Promotional Management office with an array of new connections who will surely contribute value to their careers going forward.”

Pursuit Promotional Management’s Director of Operations on the Value of Business Travel

Travel events provide unique opportunities to gain new perspectives on all kinds of professional topics. Those who attend an event such as the Dallas conference might hear ideas and suggestions they never considered before. “That’s one of the key benefits of networking,” Michael added. “You never know what you might learn when you get out there and meet new people in a laid-back atmosphere.”

There are other benefits to be gained from traveling with teammates. One is the fact that people who work alongside each other every day can discover talents and traits they never see around the office. The Director noted, “Our people often come back from travel events better equipped to collaborate than ever before. There’s something about dealing with schedule changes and learning new concepts together that fuels stronger bonds. These tightened connections lead to streamlined teamwork back home.”

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