Pursue Funeral Service Degree to Become Funeral Director

To become an expert funeral director, seeking admission for funeral service courses would be the right option.

​With a variety of career options at hand, only a few choose funeral service as a career. This is because funeral service professionals work with the bereaved people to provide sensitive, effective services during the hour great emotional need. Worsham College is one such renowned institute dedicated to educating men and women for the funeral service profession.

The Funeral Director Courses are available in all 50 states and many foreign countries. To enrol their names, students don’t require an additional health admission application. The program can be completed in as little as 12 months. One can apply anytime. However, the enrollment process begins in March and September. Flexible timing, great faculty, and supreme infrastructure remarkably benefit a large number of students.

For students from Illinois, the entire program includes thirty semester hours of college, a minimum of twenty hours of liberal arts and/or sciences, and a maximum of ten hours of electives. For other states, students are required to adhere to the regulations established by that state. A student may either contact the College, or the state board for specified requirements regarding his or her state.

For students from outside the United States, a translated transcript or statement from a recognized educational authority need to be supplied, certifying that the applicant achieved formal education equivalent to seven semester hours of college.

Worsham College of Mortuary Science offers two programs; both are twelve months course. The first one is a diploma course in Mortuary Science, and the second one is intended to award an Associate Degree in Applied Science (AAS). The curriculum, irrespective of the program, is the same. The difference lies in the requirements. Those who want to practice must meet the entrance requirements and licensure requirements established by the state. The following is a listing, by state, of the licensing requirements for funeral service professionals.

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About the Company:

Worsham College of Mortuary Science, founded in 1911, is a private institution offering an Associates Degree in twelve months. The College is dedicated to educating men and women for the funeral service profession.

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