Purple Heart Homes Takes May Military Appreciation Month Seriously 52 Weeks a Year to Improve Veterans Lives

May is older Americans and Military appreciation month. As Memorial Day approaches Americans will be making their summer plans. Communities throughout the US have organized Memorial Day parades to pay tribute to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice to provide us with our freedom. There are 9 million Veterans aged 65 and older that served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam often overlooked and ignored. Purple Heart Homes works 52 weeks a year to improve Veterans' lives one home at a time.

​​​When 89 year old Redding, CT WWII Veteran, Alex Sawchyn received a knock on his door last summer, an insurance representative handed him a list of all that he needed to get done in order to maintain the homeowners insurance policy he faithfully paid for 50 years.

Sawchyn obtained an estimate of what it would cost. Where was he going to come up with $42,000 to take down trees, paint the house and put a new roof on his home? He and his wife started to seriously look at selling their home and moving into a costly assisted living facility.

Thanks to a caring state senator, Purple Heart Homes, kind hearted professional trades people and a community that came together to remove the trees, paint the house and put a new roof on his home Sawchyn obtained a new homeowners insurance policy and is able to remain in his own home (see: www.phhusa.org).

When Canton, CT Vietnam Veteran Joe Recupero suffering from severe Parkinson’s,  as a result of exposure to Agent Orange was told about the severity of his advancing disease, how would he able to remain in his existing home without a handicap accessible bathroom, wider doorways and a ramp to get to his front door?

Purple Heart Homes, again together with an army of community volunteers, professional tradesmen built an addition onto his home, provided him with a brand new handicap accessible bathroom, widened his doorways for wheelchair access and moved his driveway so he would no longer have to climb steps to gain access to his home.

Larry Buchanan, Linwood, NC retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1975. He contracted meningitis and also suffers from Parkinson’s as well as other serious health issues. He became a prisoner in his own house confined to a wheelchair with steps he could not get down to be able to go outdoors.

Thanks to Purple Heart Homes and Team Depot, Buchanan rolled out of his home with his walker on to a new ramp that helped him regain his freedom and ease of access.

All of the work done by Purple Heart Home through the Veterans Aging in Place program is done at no cost to the Veteran or family members thanks to generous donations received from individuals and organizations.    

There are nine million Veterans age 65 and older in the US.  They served in Vietnam, Korea and WWII.   Older Veterans are often overlooked.  Many are living on fixed incomes, face increased taxes and higher costs of living ,and because of their age and disability are not able to keep up with the maintenance on their homes. 

“We were thanked for our service when we returned home from Iraq, but those that served before us have often been overlooked, and the Vietnam Veterans were never welcomed home or thanked for their service until 50 years later,’ says John Gallina, Executive Director of Purple Heart homes.  “Our Veterans have earned the right to live a peaceful and dignified life. We have a duty together with community to help preserve their dignity as they age allowing them to live safely in their homes.”

Purple Heart Homes was co-founded by two Iraq combat wounded Veterans Dale Beatty and John Gallina that remain on a mission to provide housing solutions to service connected disabled Veterans and their families that served in all eras. 

Purple Heart Homes does not just pay tribute to older Veterans as part of May Military appreciation month, May Older Americans Month or Veteran’s Day in November.  It strives to improve the quality of Veterans lives 52 weeks are year. 

As our nation approaches Memorial Day, a time to honor those that paid the ultimate sacrifice communities, throughout the US have organized parades and ceremonies.  “To most American’s it is the kick-off to the 13 weeks of summer with planned vacations and trips to the beach or family gatherings in the back yard. Let us not forget those who fought for and continue to fight for our safety and freedom,’ says Gallina.

To help our older Veterans safely age in place takes the generous support of individuals to donate money, time and materials.  Check out Purple Heart Homes by visiting their website and click on the donate button to make your contribution to those that provided us with the freedom we enjoy today.   Visit www.phhusa.org and donate today.

Contact:  Vicki Thomas, Purple Heart Homes 203-984-2138

Source: Purple Hearts Homes


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