PureVPN's Goes Up a Level for Sports - Adds 150 Optimized Servers

2018 is packed with sports events spread throughout the year. Anticipating the user engagement and interest, PureVPN has proactively added 150 optimized servers to take its user experience to a whole new level.

150 Optimized Servers Launched by PureVPN for Sports Events in 2018

2018 is jam-packed with global sports events including FIFA Football World Cup, NBA Finals, MLB All-Star Game, F1 Grand Prix, U.S. Open (Golf), Tour de France and Wimbledon among anxiously awaited others.

Besides recently introducing apps for Android TVs and Amazon, Fire Stick, and a dedicated add-on for Kodi, PureVPN, the leading name in the VPN industry, has taken another leap forward by adding 150 dedicated streaming servers to offer its users an unmatched streaming experience.

“At PureVPN, we realize that thousands of our users have paid subscriptions for many leading streaming channels, but because they are travelling for business purposes, academics, medical reasons or are just on a vacation, they are barred from catching their favorite show or sports events. That is not only unfair to the paid subscription holder but also for the event since it is losing out on viewers. We have always advocated for a free and fair internet, and we will continue to empower users to use their right to access the content of their choice wherever they are,” Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder of PureVPN.

The Addition of Servers

The recent most addition of servers was planned and executed to address two main concerns:

1)      To help football fans travelling to Russia remain secure on hotspots in Russia.

2)      To help sports enthusiasts and the global community of PureVPN users access their favorite content

Each server is specially optimized to offer a better VPN experience. The optimization is not limited to speed but also involves upgraded firewalls to help users remain safe and stop malware from reaching their devices.

PureVPN Maintains its Lead

The VPN provider has simplified the user experience further by empowering users to:

·         Easily sign up for a PureVPN account

·         Download the PureVPN app for any device or platform

·         Hit the connect button

·         Enjoy instant and complete internet freedom

PureVPN currently has over 750+ servers in 180+ locations, making the provider a front-runner in the VPN industry. The VPN provider is also among the few providers that proactively aligned itself to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to offer greater transparency and control to its users.

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