PureVPN Warns About the Dangers of Using Kodi Without a VPN

Kodi is a one-stop shop for everyone's streaming needs, but it should be used alongside a VPN for security and privacy reasons.

Kodi is one of the most used media player programs for streaming media content from both online and offline sources. It boasts a smart TV-like interface, can be installed on all kinds of devices and uses add-ons that provide access to services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

However, with Kodi continuing to grow in popularity among the entertainment-hungry masses, it’s becoming an increasingly popular target for cybercriminals. As such, using the software without a virtual private network (VPN) can result in potentially serious security and privacy consequences.

Kodi Can Get Hacked

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks are rampant on Kodi add-ons. When an update is available for an add-on, it’s downloaded and installed automatically.

Since the complete update process is carried out over the unencrypted HTTP, a cybercriminal who has intercepted a user’s network traffic can easily distribute malware to steal passwords, clone sensitive data, etc.

Kodi Lacks Anonymity

Kodi doesn’t provide anonymity. If third-parties, such as cybercriminals or government agencies, manage to capture a user’s IP address, they can use it to ascertain their real identity, approximate location, and online activities.

In fact, they could even remotely access the add-ons installed, view private videos, or change settings via Kodi’s web interface.

A Kodi VPN Saves the Day!

By using a reliable VPN for Kodi, it becomes possible to encrypt the traffic from a Kodi device and route it through a remote server elsewhere – this provides adequate protection against the possibility of MITM attacks.

It also replaces the original IP address of a user with an anonymous one from another country, concealing their identity in the process and making it nearly impossible for any online activities to be traced back to them.

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