PureVPN Urges Masses to Work From Home to Ensure Safety Amid Coronavirus Epidemic

The coronavirus has become a global pandemic and has affected the lives of millions from across the globe. Major tech companies, including PureVPN, are now encouraging people to work from home.

Hundreds and thousands of people have been infected by the coronavirus pandemic since the start of the year. It was around the Chinese New Year when the news of the virus reached the global media. Starting from the city of Wuhan, the virus has claimed the lives of thousands of people already.

Coronavirus is different from most other viruses and is highly contagious. It can spread through contact with an infected person. Those who get infected experience symptoms such as fever and pneumonia. Those who have a weak immune system, or have a respiratory illness, are at the most risk of catching the virus.

Scientists from around the world are still working to develop a vaccine for the virus.

Since its advent in China, dozens of other countries have also recorded cases of COVID-19 in their countries. Thousands of people in Asian and European countries have been infected by the virus. Italy, Iran, and many other countries have already placed travel bans and declared curfews in the entire country. It is because of the pandemic, people are being encouraged to stay at home.

In fact, major sporting events around the world have been put on hold. Major European football competitions have been suspended. F1 races in Australia are also postponed.

Tech companies, like PureVPN, are encouraging people to work from home. Major tech brands have already sent their employees notice to work from home. These include Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Twitter.

Working from home is easy today thanks to tools like Dedicated IP addresses that allow secure remote access to any network.

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