PureVPN Unveils a Massive Treat on Its 14th Anniversary

PureVPN celebrates its 14th anniversary by offering treats in the form of discounts and giveaways. The anniversary celebrations go live today.

PureVPN turns 14, and there's a celebration in order. A pioneer of the VPN industry and no-log VPN provider, PureVPN has served over 3 million customers for over a decade. On its anniversary, PureVPN plans to treat everyone with giveaways and discounts.

A pioneer of the VPN industry, PureVPN offers access to an immense network of 6,500+ servers that span over 140 countries and 180 locations. PureVPN is one of only five VPN providers that have been certified as a no-log VPN. The VPN service was only recently audited by KPMG, a renowned auditing firm. With a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot, it is considered by many as the most reliable VPN service. 

But its ambitions don't end here. The VPN service is focused on ensuring that every person feels safe while they are browsing on the internet. This is why PureVPN has got big plans for its 14th anniversary.

To celebrate the anniversary, PureVPN will be offering giveaways in the form of free PureVPN accounts. To offer a privacy-centric internet experience, PureVPN will disperse a hundred free three-year accounts to users across the globe. Others will receive discounts on premium plans.

Discounts and Giveaways

Starting today, PureVPN is pushing its prices down by as much as 80%. This discount is applicable on the three-year plan that now amounts to $79.95 only. Customers can also grab the two-year plan for as little as $69.95 after a 73% discount.

Moreover, PureVPN is also planning for a massive giveaway campaign to treat the masses on its anniversary. The giveaways feature free PureVPN three-year accounts.

These giveaways will be offered as part of a trivia where users will be asked questions about PureVPN's product, service, and history. There will be trivia for both existing PureVPN users and the many people who follow the VPN company on the internet.

The anniversary celebrations will go live today. For more details, visit PureVPN.com.

Source: PureVPN