PureVPN Tips the Scale in the Favor of the Football Fervor

With millions of football fans descending in Russia to live every moment of the World Cup of football by FIFA, PureVPN proactively introduces Ozone and Gravity to help them remain secure on public and not-so-public Wi-Fi hotspots in Russia.

PureVPN Tips the Scale in the Favor of the Football Fervor

While the football World Cup by FIFA is played after every 4 years, for many fans it offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch their favorite football star in action in the most ferociously fought and celebrated tournament in the world.

Since the football event is a global headliner, it attracts its fair share of malicious actors posing as football fans. This year, Russia is playing the host country and there are already rumors making rounds on the internet about how a planned virus or ransomware or malware attack can help goons earn an easy buck at the expense of unsuspecting and vulnerable travelers.

PureVPN to the Rescue

Sensing the deep and lasting effects of this imminent threat, PureVPN has proactively launched Ozone and Gravity to help football fans combat viruses, ransomware, spyware and other common forms of online malice, not just while they are in Russia, but also when they return to their respective homes.

Ozone and Gravity – A Remarkable Set of Features

The feature dubbed Ozone is an umbrella consisting of 5 distinct and cutting-edge features, such as:

·         IDS/IPS

·         Antivirus

·         Content Filter

·         Web Filter

·         App Blocker

Gravity is a DNS-based feature that protects the DNS requests and stops malicious traffic or bad packets of data from reaching a system or device. The best benefit of Gravity, however, is that it works specifically when the VPN is not connected, meaning, a user does not need to connect VPN to protect their DNS requests and incoming traffic.

Most of the features included in Ozone work on the server-level, meaning no additional installation or hardware is required on the user’s end. Ozone’s set of features not only scan the incoming traffic but also stop viruses and harmful code from entering the user’s browser. The Content Filter stops ads and other tracking scripts from loading, saving the bandwidth and decreasing the load time of web pages. The Web Filter feature gives a user the power to automatically block a specific category of websites, while the App Blocker feature helps a user restrict the internet access of particular apps on their system or device.

Proactive Defense is the Best Defense

The introduction of Ozone and Gravity make PureVPN the only VPN provider with such an advanced set of features. Additionally, the VPN provider did not go for a price hike with the launch of these features. As of now, Ozone and Gravity come bundles by default with every subscription plan offered by PureVPN.

“We wanted to make sure that PureVPN users remain safe and protected regardless of where they are, what they are accessing, and how they are accessing it. The introduction of Ozone and Gravity will go a long way in making sure that our users, particularly football fans, enjoy the World Cup without having to worry about their privacy and security,” Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder of PureVPN.

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